Apr 24, 2016

Korea Shopping Haul !

Even though I went to Korea mainly to catch the Cherry Blossoms, I didn’t waste the chance for a good haul. So I set aside more time to go shopping during this trip hhehehe. Here is my haul video!


I spent most of my money on Skincare products, accidentally charting up to (or more than) SGD$100 >___< .




I bought some Leader Mediu Clay/Mud masks. They were going 1000 Won each (usually priced at 3000 Won) at the local Watsons Store. I’ve never seen them in Singapore stores before despite Leaders Insolution’s overwhelming popularity. EVen trying to find information on them was hard since they are not listed in LeadersCostmetic’s offiical website –_-;; The packs I got were entirely in Korean but I think they should mostly be purifying masks. I might give some away so I’ll only review one or two of it. Let me know which one you guys want me to review.


I also splurged at TheOrchidSkin. The Orchid Skin is a korean skincare brand that is relatively foreign to users outside of Korea. I bought a jar of the Orchid Su Moisture Cream which cost 35,000 Won (ouch!). Saving grace was that the jar contains 100ml of deep moisturising goodness. Like I mentioend in the vlog, I really wasn’t planning on getting this but kinda got pressurised into buying it. The sales assistant was such a big supporter of this product I’m keeping my hopes high for it. I really need to get down to using it! Also from the same brand was the 50ml, SPF 50 PA+++ Orchid Flower Aqua UV Sun gel. The shop was running a promotion for a bundle of 4 but the business minded sales assistant allowed me to get 2 of them for the price of one. So instead of paying 15,000 won each, I paid 15,000 Won for 2! And it really is awesome! This sunscreen has got to be the least greasy and most unlike sunscreen I’ve ever used. Like I kept repeating in the vlog, this things feels just like a Gel moisturiser! If you don’t like greasy sunscreen, you must check this out.


And if you thought I was being cheapskate when I lamented about a 35,000 Won moisturiser, allow me to politely inform you that prior to The Orchid Skin, I had already splurged out at Etude House. I bought the Pure Water Baobab Moist Cream (13,000 Won) , the True Relief Moist Cream (22,000 Won) and the True Relief Moist Mist Toner(18,000 Won).


I have SO MUCH moisturiser now… borrowing the hashtag from Blogger Beautifulbuns … #OneFaceOnly , I really must stop buying more LOL!



Oh, DAISO Korea also sold some Leaders Clinic Face Mask. I’m not sure how authentic they are since they look very different from the Leaders Insolution Masks I frequently use. Check out my review of Insolution’s Vita Bright Mask, AC Dress and Aloe Vera Mask.



I bought the Detox Mask and tried it the same night. Face felt pretty nice and clean afterwards.


Moving on to my fashion loots! Woohoo!!!




The brown jacket and Olive green dress was bought at a store outside HapJeong Station in Seoul. There were selling at 5900Won each but when you buy 2, they become 5000 Won each hehehe. The shop is underground and technically part of the station but it’s outside the train-zone, like, you don’t have to tap-in to reach the store.



The shop is beside a Nature Republic Store.



It’s opposite The Face Shop and another fashion store selling pretty affordable female clothes.



There’s also a Shoe shop around it which I didn’t bother checking out because I blew my entire footwear budget when I got this pair of silver canvas in Busan –__-;; Didn’t have a choice, my only pair of shoes died on me T_T. I told you guys to bring extra shoes in my packing tips but I failed to do so myself and paid the price –___- ;;;;


49000 won T. T why shoes so expensive here !

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The pink dress and grey pants were bought from one of the shops around Ewha Woman’s University Station. Since that area is around a Woman’s university, it comes as no surprise that there were tonnes of fashion, skincare, stationery, and food store catered to the young adults. Given the target audience, the pricetag is generally reasonably though it ranges from shop to shop.




I also bought 11 pair of cute socks in one of the Subway shops. They were sold at 1000 Won each but if you buy 11 pairs, you just pay 9900 Won! I can’t help squealing over the Sailor Moon Team socks. The Chibi Sailor Moons and team look like they are hugging your ankle hahaha. I bought the series for my Sailor Moon Cosplay team, each one of us will get the character we cosplay hehe.




I also found this Budget Fashion store inside HapJeong Subway station. The entire shop was priced at 2000 Won per item. 2000 Won is like TWO USD… that’s equivalent to TWO SIXTY IN SING DOLLARS! AND THEY EVEN HAD THINGS LIKE BLAZERS! BLAZEERRRRRRS FOR TWO DOLLARS YOU KIDDIN ME?!?!




I was rushing to Yangjae for my skin laser treatment but managed to stop myself in time to check this shop out. And I did not disappoint; I swept 5 items into my arms within 10 minutes. You bet I looked like a crazy woman flipping anxiously through those racks. I was near delirious with dialogues within me going like this “This dress looks like it would look great on Friend A, BUY IT!” and  “This blazer looks a little big for me but maybe Mom will like it, BUY IT!” . I don’t think I’ve experienced such joy before.


I was sure I’ve walked past this store a couple of times before why didn’t I notice it until now ?! *despair*


In case any of you are interested, this shop is inside the HapJeong Subway station. You need to tap-in to see this store. It’s beside the escalators going up to Subway Line 2, towards Yeongdeungpo-gu office Station.




The shop beside it was selling shoes at 10,000 Won a pair. Wish I had bought my shoes in Seoul instead of Busan T_T. So yes guys, please learn from my experience and remember to bring an extra pair of lightweight shoes so you won’t have to settle for something you didn’t really like when your only shoe breaks down on you.


I wish I could show you the awesome 2000 Won clothings I bought but I accidentally left them in the subway so they are now somewhere in Seoul’s Lost and Found corner. Or maybe it has now been used to blessed someone else who needed it more T_______T .


I hope you guys enjoyed my shopping haul blog entry. If you want me to share more of my shopping hauls, tips, where to find cheap stuffs and all that jazz, leave me a comment and let me know!

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