Oct 7, 2016

Review: Flatana Botanical Mayouncin Super Serum

I can't remember how long I've been using this product but I've gone through at least two bottles of this essence. I started using it when it was still using its old packaging more than a year ago.

Name: Flatana Botanical Mayouncin Super Serum
Price:  S$19.90 (Qoo10)
Volume: 30 ml
Rating: 2.5/5


The seller on Qoo10 claims that this serum consists of 87% pure botanical mucin and 99.7% of high purity botanical extracts. The product claims to help in oil controlling, moisturising, firming , elasticity, wrinkles and whitening. I always try to review a product after I've properly tested it to avoid hazy and unreliable reviews and I'm mighty glad I did it with this product too. 


The packaging is classy, sleek and respectable. The blue plastic bottle with a dropper makes it look more expensive than it actually is and evokes the vibe of a respectable phamaceutical brand. 

The dropper works well to acquire and distribute the product as required without dripping.



Texture & absorption 

Product is runny and light golden brown in colour. It feels very light on the skin and gets absorbed nearly instantly. Like many serums I've used, I find that it absorbs too fast into the skin and my skin needs a good layer of watery toner as a base to evenly distribute the essence. 



It feels very light on the skin and hydrates the skin pretty well without stickiness. However, it seems to be breaking me out. 

I've gotten through 2.5 bottles of these to finally conclude I should stay away from it. I know you must be laughing at my extremely delayed conclusion. But that's the problem with reviewing skincare products; it takes a while to show it’s side effects. It took me very long to realise it's breaking me out because the effects are delayed. I don't get enough sleep, I switch up my skincare routine often and I travel frequently - these are all factors that can contribute to an acne outbreak and this product, which seemed to have a proven track record is the last thing I'd have thought of. 



I've mentioned multiple times through out the blog that I have sensitive, dehydrated and acne prone skin. My skin condition seemed to have stabilised and became more oily/ normal for the past year or so. Maybe in part due to a lifestyle change (I wasn't in air conditioned rooms as often as I used to be), maybe it is age, maybe it is environment. I have no idea but my skin changed. And the change doesn't seem to work as well with serums. My memory is hazy now but I probably discovered this product was clogging my skin after witnessing how clear my skin was without it after I did my Pore shrinking treatment in Korea.

I haven't touched it for more than 2 months and my skin has never been better. My skin used to always have a lot of blackheads, white heads and blocked pores. I spend a lot of time squeezing the gunk out from my pores every night, which was causing enlarged pores and all sorts of skin problems. Of course the cleanser I used made a difference. I’m currently using Etude House’s Baking Powder Pore & Bb Deep Cleansing Foam which works wonder to clear up my skin.  My old cleanser (Cetaphil) could have aided the break out by being too mild to clean my clogged pores properly. After all, everything works together in synergy. 

Some customers on qoo10 commented that it helped calmed their redness. I don't usually have obvious redness on my skin so it was difficult to evaluate. It might have calmed the occasional redness I get around my nose but I wasn't able to really tell. 



It's a very affordable and lightweight serum that hydrates well without stickiness. However it seems to clog my pores pretty badly. I can probably continue to use it if I regulate usage and only on skin “S.O.S” days. But for the most part, I stay away from it. 


The new packaging


To be fair, the problem could be with my skin and not the product. I recently acquired another serum from a reputable brand only to observe similar effects.  I admit my cleanser choice might have escalated the problem but this a product I cannot whole heartedly recommend without a disclaimer. Maybe when I find some courage to use it again, I'll come back with an updated review.

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