Jan 13, 2013

Psycho Pass (Anime)

And so, I finally jumped on the bandwagon of following a series before its broadcast completion. I don't think I've ever done that before ... Well except Shakugan no Shana iii (final) but even that , I took forever to finish the final few episodes ( I couldn't bear for it to end T. T).

But for Sci Fi thrillers like Psycho Pass and Higashi no Eden, it only took me a few days to finish most of it.

Anyway , psycho pass is cool. Way too gore for my liking yet I cannot stop myself from hankering after it because like most thrillers, it keeps you at the edge of your seat. Yes, I have a spot for detective / investigative stories even though I don't follow a lot of it.

I still feel a little creeped out by it -.- images of the bodies and the scenarios accompanied me to bed last night. And I found myself looking out of the windows and half expecting something to jump in :x

Anyway, I wonder why would happen to Akane. I hope she stays saint and pure T. T I'm actually pretty angry with her in Ep 11. I mean come on , you may be nice but you are a law enforcer. You signed up knowing what you would need it do. Because of her hesitation , she allowed her innocent good friend to be killed in front of her. Sigh. What would you do if you were her ? Am I too rash to say I'd definitely pick up the rifle and shoot the guy ?

I guess most of us have to thank God we aren't put into such difficult situations. The task of deciding and sculpting a life is harder than we think. Which is also what makes the job of a mother, a father, a guardian and a teacher so important.

Did I talk too much again ? Ok I'm sorry. Look, here's some nice fruit tarts to make up for it.

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Espada del Dios said...

The scene with her friend, is probably my favorite scene. It was absolutely terrifying.
I also thought "just shoot him!" but I remember, throughout the series they made a point of saying shooting someone with a Dominator is shooting under the authority of Sybil. It's not YOU who are killing someone but Sybil, the Inspectors and Enforcers are just tools and therefore are not responsible for the lives they take.
That is the philosophy that has been put into all the citizens, and that is what they 100% believe. They know if they kill without the Dominator they give up that deniability, and are no better than the criminals they are tasked to take down. To the every day citizen that is something they literally cannot comprehend.

It's a great scene since it shows you just how different the Psycho Pass universe is from our reality, and how flawed their utopia is.