Jun 14, 2012

TheFaceShop hauls (Arsainte series etc)

Actually I think I bought these early May. What happened in between ?!? So busy!

I bought like $100 worth of TFS skincare product to get their membership and promotional freebie. But Of course I like their products too la xD

Basically I retuned and bought their Arsainte ideal essence , Arsainte daily moisturiser, Gel sunscreen and Damange Coating Essence for my hair.

The promotional freebie was a travel size set of Arsainte Eco Therapy products. I'm pretty fond of this series for its moisturising properties and they don't break me out. I should really try to do a review soon but I just suck at observing difference unless they are super drastic.

Kinda mweh at the fact that they deliberately skimmed on the more expensive product (essential cream).

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