Jun 7, 2012

Review: Arsainte ECO-THERAPY ideal essence

Product name : Arsainte ECO-THERAPY ideal essence
Price : $38.90
Bought from : TheFaceShop
Rating : 4/5

Pros: deep hydrating without being overly greasy

Cons: slightly pricey and fragranced.

I first chanced upon this product as a trial sachet. Can't remember where I got it , but my first impression was mixed. My skin was experiencing a comeback of a weird allergy reaction during that period and was itchy, dry and sensitive. By dry I mean I can only use creams to stall the unwanted drying sensation. Not good.

Almost as soon as the essence touched my skin I knew it would work. It has an instantly hydrating effect and is absorbed easily. Depending on the amount you use, it can leave a slightly sticky residue but the hydrating effect was enough for me to look beyond that.

The essence is clear , relatively runny with a slight fragrance.

I'm not a fan of fragrance but I'm glad to say it did not bother my skin much (no redness or rash) even though my skin was in a terribly sensitive state. My first experience with it though , did break out my skin.

A few months on and my skin still hasn't found an affordable product to pump moisture into it so I decided to give the product another go.

I have since bought my 2nd bottle and signed up for TheFaceShop's membership. My skin has since recovered from the allergy but it is still a dry combination skin. Unless my skin changes or I find something better, I think I'll be sticking to this life saving product !

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