Dec 7, 2012

Daiso loot!

I Love shopping in Daiso when their new stock is in!

Was feeling pretty demoralised yesterday but decided that since the water is already under the bridge , I might as well just enjoy what I can now. And so I went to Daiso! Went to the biggest and furthest branch ; IMM. So troublesome to get there but shopping at IMM's Daiso is therapeutic xD

Bought $30 worth of random stuff and bought stuffs I always liked but don't bear to waste money on. Just to make myself feel better xD

Check out their socks collection !! Their new range of ankle high socks with Frills on the top is so cute !!!! But as with anything cheap, the quality control can be tad slack some times. Some times the sock's frills don't match up. One is frill-er than the other. But then, $2 bucks so yeah.

Daiso's fake lash and lash case section xD

I bought a pink lash case but I think I'm probably giving it away with the fake lash giveaways for TheCosplayChronicles.

This blog entry is so random. I think i made this just to show off my kawaii socks xD Anime, cosplay, karaoke and chilling out with friends ! Can't wait for my holidays to start now xD !!!!

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