Jan 8, 2013

Korean makeup trial!

Life has been so hectic I don't know how and why I'm maintaining 2 blogs. Then I remember this is a personal bimbo blog and I can do whatever I want here. Awesome ! Lets start with a pile of shit in the middle of the room !!

-- Insert random Image of a pile of dung --

Okay that was damn random. Must have rubbed off from that episode of Kangxi Laile where the Taiwanese celebrities were talking about how some property owners would put a pile of dung in the middle of the house to make the property less appealing and so nobody would buy it.

Tbh I find that action pretty radical and contradictive. Since the shit is in the middle of the house then that means the prospective buyers have to enter the house right ? If you DON'T want to sell your house, why open it up for viewing ?!

Anyway I digressed. But man was it fun to talk nonsense AHHAHAH

So my recent makeup obsession, ok not really obsession but like new target/ focus is to achieve the Korean look. I'm probably the least Hallyu motivated person around but it's not that I don't like them, it's just that I don't get exposed to them that often. But the little I've seen have been good and after seeing some other girls do the Korean makeup look, I find myself inspired to try it too!

It's a different challenge from my usual gyaru inspired look. On a side note, have any of you thought my makeup was gyaru-ish? I've always thought I was going towards the gyaru direction ( in terms of makeup) but nobody has really told me I look gyaru before. Lol.

Gyaru fail -.-;;;

Anyway this is my recent Hallyu makeup attempt and I think with dark hair, I actually look decently Korean !

Okay who am I kidding -.- I don't look Korean but hey I look different from my usual look so that's a plus! I tried to make my eyebrows even thicker and straight and also gave myself "eye pouches".

Watch out for my act emo, act doe camwhores !!

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Jules said...

I know this is really old, but I always did think that your makeup looked gyaru-inspired. Not sure if it looks very Korean though, because we tend to have natural eye makeup with almost nothing on the lower lashes. Other than that, it's great <3