Jan 23, 2013

One man's poison is another man's meat

There was some event the day before yesterday and there was a pile of muffins and cakes left behind. So I was assigned to bring 2 box back, unwillingly. Nobody in my family is a fan of such pastries and nobody have time for them. So I brought them home fully aware that they will likely end up in the bin.

Then i went about my own business and proceed to have dinner. While I was having my dinner at an open air food centre, an elderly couple approached me to tout tissue papers. I took out a dollar and bought 3 packs.

Then it struck me that maybe I've found someone to dump the cakes to!

But I contemplated for a while , wondered what to say and imagined how they would respond. I wasn't sure if they would be receptive to it and was worried that western pastries might be too buttery for their generation.

Eventually I finished up my fish ball noodles and went on my way to find someone to pass the cakes to. After 2 rounds I knew the elderly couples had left but then I saw another wheelchair bounded uncle around. Seemingly waiting for another elderly auntie nearby to finish closing her shop.

I was hesitant but I thought its now of never , and what do I have to lose? So I stepped up and asked " Uncle do you like cakes ?"

The uncle seemed to understand my motive immediately and his eyes darted to the package in my hand within a split second. He didn't lose a moment to tell me immediately " Yes I want".

I was pretty taken aback but very pleased and I don't know why but I went on to explain that these were some leftovers and I wonder if he would accept it. Which he again responded positively and almost yearningly the same 3 words.

I had 2 box and I gave him one because I was toying with the idea of giving the rest to my dad. Maybbbbe daddy will like it. But 20 steps later and I started regretting not giving him both ><|||

I felt so ashamed of Myself for entertaining the thought of just throwing the cakes away.

Definitely Food for thought.

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