May 13, 2013

Chek Jawa @ Pulau Ubin

I went Pulau Ubin last weekend ! It was just a short half day trip but it was fun and tiring xD ever since a horrible cycling accident a few years ago, I have yet to step back to the island so I was pretty excited and couldn't wait to jump onto a bike.

But because my church mates tried cycling to chek jawa the week before and advised against doing it again , we just ferried a van this time . $2 per trip, $4 for a return trip. We paid the uncle $4 each up front and he told us to call him 15minutes in advance and he would come back to pick us up.

it was the first time I went into Chek Jawa, the nature reserve portion of the island, apparently it was filled with much wild life in the swamps. It rained the morning I went which affected the tides and the places which were supposed to be low tide were totally covered. A pity it was such because I would love to see the floor banks ><

The whole Chek Jawa trail is paved with wooden planks that are raised like this, this is to prevent the human intrusion from affecting the wild life. Check out the green soft moss beside it!

Tudor styled information museum. The first thing I thought of when I was the building was ; photoshoot !

A wild dog lazing inside the museum xD

And the highlight of the trip; sporting a family of wild boars!!!! There were what seemed like a dad, a mom and EIGHT PIGLETS!!!! Look at them rummage and wrestle among themselves. Seems like a really happy and simple life eh :)

I ended my pulau ubin trip with lunch and then we took the ferry back. Must organise a biking trip there next time :)

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