May 22, 2013

Review: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( Vita Bright)

Name: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( Vita Bright)
Bought from:
Gmarket  ( for sale in Watsons & Guardian in sg) 
Price: $1.5 - $3+ 
Rating: 4.5/5

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Introduction:  Initially, I didn’t want to try this mask because it was twice as expensive as my usual ones. But a friend highly recommended it when we were in the middle of a Watsons Members sale. Seeing how it was selling at half price, I grabbed one and stayed a fan till now.

As a disclaimer, I’m not paid or sponsored for this review. I bought everything myself.

According to my online research,

“ LEADERS Cosmetics Group has owned and operated over 10 Professional Skin Clinics across South Korea; Seoul, Daegu City since 2001.

LEADERS InSolution is COSMedical brand that was created and tested by dermatologists of LEADERS Skin Clinic.

No.1 Dermatologist tested masks in KOREA! No Paraben, No Mineral Oil, No Silicon & No Artificial Pigment.”


Texture : Depending on the different mask type, the texture of the paper differs. But they are generally thin, translucent and adhere to the skin very well. The 'bright Up' one almost feels like water silicon. It just feels incredibly supple and ... for the lack of a better term; jelly-like. 

Look at the photo below, doesn’t the mask looks like it’s merging into my skin?!



Effects: This is my first insolution masks and the one that started everything. So it's not surprising I would have nice things to say about it. 

As the name mentions, it's a 'Brightening ' mask and it delivers that. Unlike some of the other masks I have used that brightens up my skin significantly after but the effects never last. This mask has a moisturising effect that lasts till the next day even though the brightening effect might not be alarming on first trial. The first time I used it I observed that my face was shine free the next day until late afternoon. Of course there are factors that attribute to that and it might not work exactly for you but it has been a mask i continuously reach for.

To explain a little on what 'Brightening' means, it doesn't mean whitening and changing your skin colour. It means deep hydrating and conditioning your skin to make it so much healthier, it glows. Dull skin is the biggest reason why my face is darker than my neck. 

It’s a nice overall effect masks for people who wants a bit of everything.


Pros: It adheres to the skin well, feels almost like your second skin and delivers what it promises.  It is also quite affordable if you know where to purchase. I always ship mine from this shop. 


Cons: It is hard and expensive to get in countries outside Korean. In Singapore, we can only get them from Watsons that sells it $3/ sheet. 



Until I find something that surpasses it in terms of quality and price, I will continue to use it. I guess I might already have used 40 over sheets of it LOL!

If you are interested to purchase it, this is where I always buy mine. Yes, i might earn some commission if you buy via the link but I tell you, that is the store that sells it cheapest on Gmarket! Many other stores adds addition cost afterwards .  They take 2 weeks to ship though…. maybe it’s because I’m cheap and always opt for the $0 shipping option =x

As you can tell from my many facebook posts, I have purchased from them numerous times and with the exception of once (one of the masks leaked) they have never failed me. 

Hope you guys enjoyed the review and have fun masking!

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