May 30, 2013

Keep calm and keep walking

And so I'm feeling extremely stressed up these few days. With the schedules i live by and my inherently dumb personality, I always feel stressed . I kept having random dreams when I go to bed at night which is always a lousy thing because I'm not getting sleep! Last last night I dreamt of Toni Starks plucking mushrooms -.-;

But this past month has been particularly trying.

In fact I would say this entire first half of 2013 has been.

Hard to believe 2013 is already half gone and I still feel like the same loser I was last year.

Oh, don't mind me calling myself a loser. It's just this thing I do to myself when I'm feeling down. No biggy! I'm not phishing for compliments , I'm just in a negative self thrashing mood and i need a place to throw all these negativity and stress out! Lol!

The thought about the year and my own approaching birthday had me asking myself "what have I achieved?".

Well to give myself some credit, this year I took part in 2 contest and emerged as finalist for both. And if all goes well, I will accomplish a milestone in life soon.

One of the contest I took part in is OMY. sg's Blogger's contest. I am running in the Vlog category. While I am extremely honoured to once again be considered good enough to be the top 10 vlogger in Singapore. The challenge entry that needs to be submitted by 9th June is having me wallow in defeat.

By the way guys, if you think my main blog; The Cosplay Chronicles is Worthy of a support , please vote for me here T. T you can vote everyday !

So 2013 had been an alarmingly fruitful year despite my lack of attention. Ok , I take my word back, all the fruits I gained are through all the hardworking I ploughed. So I guess I deserve them. But like I mentioned on my Facebook, I've always been hardworking but the past 2 years had been particularly exciting and fruitful and I think it's all thanks to God for bringing me to the right places at e right time.

Unfortunately this year also saw a lot of heartaches. I had people I believed in do or say things that made me felt really bad. Things which I felt was unwarranted and unnecessary. It wasn't entirely my fault but i always ended up paying the price for it.

Getting misunderstood is no stranger to me. But it was an old friend I thought I had sent away.

Goes to show how old haunts never fails to trap you when you least expected. It also shows that continuous self reflection is needed for everyone.

And It suddenly dawned upon me that this must be the pain God felt when we betray or reject him . Maybe all these unhappy incident was to make me appreciate His love more.

Every time it happens, I always felt like I could never forgive that person for his / her mistake. But then I realise God forgives so readily and never brings it against us once we confesses. Makes me feel both like an asshole and thankful. LOL.

There is so much I want to talk here but I have 2 exams, 1 event , 1 concept and 2 commission /contest videos to complete within 2 weeks. So I'm off to chase time !

Wish me luck in all things ><!

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