Jun 3, 2013

Shopping too much ><?

I spent so much last month T. T

Bought a pearl pendent for my dearest mom , stocked up on skin care products, bought clothes and paid my school fees. I also cabbed to church every sunday because i simply cannot wake up in time for public transport T. T

Ahhhhhh my money don't grow wings please ~~~~~~~

I admit, me buying clothes are usually more of a retail therapy than a need but but after all my hardworking, late nights, holing myself up to work ... I think I deserve something !

I bought 5 piece of clothing from this shop in Qoo10. They are very cheap ($10 - $20) and shipped within a week. Unfortunately the quality of the clothes are pretty poor and didn't fit me very well.

Thankfully I am a cosplayer who knows how to sew >D shall alter them to for me like a glove ! But until then ... They shall lie dormant in my wardrobe -_-|||

I also bought these two from Isabella's closet in Bugis. $10 for the green top and $15 for the chiffon dress. Sadly the black in the chiffon dress will leak colour and it stained the white T. T

I'm quite tiny so most store bought clothes don't fit me very well. I always have to do at least some minor adjustment . Maybe I should blog about how to alter store bought clothes. It's amazing how some minor snipping and embellishing can change them!

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Anonymous said...

I think that'd be great! My mom alters most of my clothes, but thankfully I can wear more store bought ones. Many of my friends on the other hand are petite, and can rarely find things other than t-shirts that fit them alright. C: