Jul 13, 2013

Qoo10 Review: Vogue Tribe

Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I’m getting a bit too addicted to Qoo10. I’ve always been into Online shopping but now with Qoo10 coming in as a big brother to all the blogshops and establishing access to numerous foreign sellers. It has become easier than ever to purchase anything and everything you want. And since I’m buying, I have to give reviews on Qoo10. And since I’m reviewing there, thought I might as well review here too.

This is the start of my series of QOo10 purchase reviews.



Item name: 2013 New Bags/korea Best bags!! casual bags!backpack/shoulder/handbag/Men Bag
Store: Vogue Tribe 



The bag I bought was SLA027.

I purchased in 27th June and the seller shipped it out on the 27th June unfortunately, as of today 13th July I still have not received it. I finally raised a ‘non-receipt claim’ on Qoo10. The seller responded within 1.5 hour.


I have received the refund back into my Paypal account.

It is unfortunate for things to have panned out like that but I don’t think it is the seller’s fault and I still very much want that bag! I’ve been looking forward to it’s arrival since I bought it so I will try purchasing again!

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