Jul 17, 2013

Frustration and angers are a rite of life

It’s been a lousy day. Not so much of the day itself being very lousy, just how people made me feel and how I feel about myself.

You know one of those days where nobody cares about your opinion, everything you do feels like a bump into the wall, every question you ask seems to cause a giggle that suggests your intelligence being lower than it actually is, you suddenly mastered a 3rd language that nobody seemed to understand because everything you say seems to need a hell lot of explaining.

Sigh. It’s actually all just small unimportant things that cannot be quantified.

And like the picture above, I know I’ve conditioned my mind to only look at the negative things of the day. And I know the best thing to do at such times is to simply let go. For holding the grudge never makes anyone a better person. And I simply am too much of a lousy shitz to surmount any form of revenge.

And I know 2 months from now, I won’t even remember what made me so upset.

But I guess I should just thank God for being here. For being alive when other people have to combat horrendous diseases like Cancer to be alive. Not just an aching tooth or a painful zit but a life paralysing disease.

Indeed, I should go reach for a bar of chocolate. Fever? what fever?

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