Dec 30, 2013

Fabric shopping & Skincare loots

P/s: Reposted from my dayre account which is super dead and used only to try make mobile blogging more convenient but as it turns out, there is no easy way to transfer the blog entry from Dayre to blogger and I had to screencap each photo –_-; This was about last saturday 21st dec.

Today is Sunday but I wanna talk about Saturday which is yesterday !

I love Saturdays! It's the most 'free' day of the week for me and unless I have something on, I will usually sleep till noon! Some times even 13 hours wagahha. Some people might disapprove my sleeping habits and deem me lazy ( which I won't deny xD ) for sleeping in but hey! Sleep is mighty important ! I never get enough sleep on weekdays so I'm recuperating on Saturday! 可以睡觉就要睡!


I went to Arab Street yesterday for fabric buying. After an hour or so of lingering and wondering , I finally bought a fabric.

I didn't managed to get the other fabric I was hoping to get for Elsa :( Yes! I'm gonna cos Princess , um no QUEEN ELSA from Frozen!!





I think this character must be the first character to give me such a hard time choosing fabric. Trying to find all the knit textured cloth for Luneth (FF3) was difficult too but this is an entirely different level.
I'm really not sure how I'm going to get a gradient colour with organza! Polyester organza does not take in dye at all ;( sigh ... I might have to make do with no gradient after all ;(


I strolled the entire Arab street and still ended up at Ghim Joo. This is one of my fabric candidate


My other candidate which actually was my first candidate. I'm referring to the blue roll in the middle. It was like $14 , not blue enough and definitely not dye-able. However it did have very elegant sliver threads going through it vertically.


Eventually choose this though because its a lot cheaper, looks like snowflakes and is stretchy. I figured if I wasn't able to dye the other fabric, which I likely cannot , then I might as well get this. Which is even more impossible to dye but oh well :(

My only fear now is the fabric might tear, it seems a little fragile. Not to mention after getting home I found a lot of flaws in it. Seems like the maker of the fabric had some problems near the end and the shiny patterns didn't get onto some crevasses.


On a totally different note, Arab Street have really transformed into a tourist friendly place ! There are so much restaurants and cafe here!


Look at the lovely cakes! Super over priced but oh we'll, for the novelty I guess haha. I need to go to Arab street for the Cafes one day with company !


To sum the day up. I ran across the road & my shoe fell off half way. I walk on level ground to kick an uneven drain cover (like the one in pic) and nearly tripped. My toes hurt for a while because of it. I shifted my position to let someone pass through the narrow lanes in the shop and nearly fell (again!) because of a low obstacle. I walked all the way from Arab St to textile centre for my favorite western food nearby but it was closed. I didn't managed to get all my fabrics either.


But I guess, peace in The Lord was strong so I actually felt surprisingly ok. It was good to have an entire Saturday dedicated for myself haha.


My loot of the day. Seems like little but total damage was $151 >o<

Money fly away ~~~

The 2 bottles of skin care product is "off with those heads" from b'liv. They are very effective but very expensive too. I will do a review soon !

Anyway those usually sell for $90+ each (45ml) but as of recent years, they started giving discounts during festive season. They were going for 30% less so I bought 2 bottles! Each bottle only last me like 2.5 months so let's hope come June 2014, they would have another sale!

Even after 30% discount they cost $152 but thankfully I could offset $20 with capitaland vouchers
People always think I spend a lot of money on makeup or Cosplays or travel. But nooo most of my money goes to savings and skin care !!

Spent the evening styling my wigs! I don't want to give away the character names because I'm afraid I might jinx the Cosplay (loll!?) but yeah you can try guessing if you want xD

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