Dec 6, 2013

Review: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( AC Dressing)

Price: Leaders Insolutions Mask ( AC Dressing)

Bought from: Gmarket ( for sale in Watsons & Guardian in sg)

Price: $1.5 - $3

Rating: 4.5/5

Introduction: A friend of mine loves this particular mask and even gave me a red packet masked in one of these used mask packet for my birthday xD  If you don't understand what I describe , it's okay x.x

According to my research online, this mask helps in soothing skin irritation and redness. Relieves troubled and sensitive skin and supples moisture. 

Texture: Pretty much the same as the other Insolutions masks.  It's loaded with product and adheres to the skin very well. It doesn't drip either unlike some other masks. It has a slightly stingy effect and smells more medicated when its applied to the skin. 

Effects: My skin is significantly soothed out and surprisingly fairer! And my face stayed healthy looking the next few days.

Effective in perking up tired skin and pumping moisture into the skin. 

Cons: Difficult to buy and might be expensive if it's bought from the stores 

Conclusion:I have found a new love. While the Aloe Vera mask was good for soothing & calming very sensitive skin, AC Dressing is fabulous for skin with mid range problems. 
I hadn't had much chance to sleep for a while and my skin was definitely showing it. It was dull, saggy and dry. After using this, my skin was very much better! It became more supplied, fairer and healthier. 

I would definitely order more of this soon and use them as yet anther emergency rescue product xD 

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