Dec 7, 2013

Yakusoku no Kizuna (Kyoukai no Kanata insert song) (Acapella cover)

You guys know (actually I don't think you do but erm ok), I've been very obsessed with this insert song from episode 6 of Kyoukai no Kanata xD SO i did a cover for it while I was filming my video for NHK.

Speaking of which, I took part in NHK's We love Japanese Song 2014 contest. Submission is over but now it's time for voting! The videos with the highest vote get selected to be screened on their New Year Special program. While I know I likely cannot make it that far, I'd still like to let you guys know you can vote for me LOL

CLICK HERE>> My Rendition of "Nee" by Fujita Maiko. This is the opening of Hiiro no Kakera. 
I can't even begin to explain how much I love this song and Fujita Maiko -_-;;; This is like my go-to song whenever I'm on the train or commuting. Maiko-san's voice and the lovey-doveyness of this song is so <3

CLICK HERE>> My Rendition of "Suteki Da Ne" by Rikki. This is the theme song for Final Fantasy X.
This is probably the first song I've ever publicly performed.

Oh by the way guys, all future vocal covers will be uploaded to my personal/beauty Youtube account =) Please subscribe there okay ;_;

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