Jan 8, 2014

Review: TheFaceShop Aqua Sun Gel

Product Name: Aqua Sun Gel SPF40PA+++
Bought from: TheFaceShop (available here too)
Price: $16 – $18 (varies)

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My Experience & Thoughts:

I’ve been using this for 2 years and more. Bought it due to pressure from the store assistant and it turned out to be one of my best TFS purchase ever.

It is a gel based formula henceforth it is good for combination or/and oily skin.

Like I mentioned in the video, prior to using this, I was actually using Za’s sunscreen which is cream based. What I like best about this product is how, unlike traditional sunscreen which tends to feel heavy and thick, this product feels super lightweight on my face.

Due to my dehydrated skin and bad allergy history, I tend to need to pile a lot of hydrating and moisturising product onto my face to prevent it drying it out (then risk allergy-ish reaction returning). Previously with my old sunscreen, I return home everyday with a face full of blocked pores. Everyday I exfoliate with Ginvera’s exfoliating gel and manually pick out blackheads/whiteheads or whatever disgusting gooey oil stuffs from my face with a picker tool. I know it’s gross of me to say but my face used to be so blocked that just a gentle squeezing with my nails can bring the oil stuffs (pus lol?) up. After using this sunscreen I found myself with a lot less oil and dirt and a harder time picking my face everyday haha

It is SPF 40 too which means it can shield my skin from the sun 40 times longer than if my skin didn’t have it. I googled the meaning of PA+++ and essentially it refers to the “Protection Efficacy” for protection against UVA. It’s a rating system and the more + means the higher the rating.

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