Mar 8, 2014

Drugstore Makeup haul & chunky necklaces!

Walked through AMK Hub just now and found Watsons to have started a bazaar market in basement one's foyer. They're always having some sort of fair or bazaars there but the stuffs on sale this time is different!!

It's a big selection of Drug store makeup you seldom see in Singapore! I'm talking about NYX, Coastal Scents, LA colours, e.l.f and essence! They also had China Glaze and O.P.I stuffs. Check out some of the photos I took of the incredible range of products.



Had wanted to buy the 252 Ultimate palette but it was going for like $79.90 ><;;; I reckon I’d try my luck and buy it online





After what seemed like eternity, I finally bought these 2 product. N.Y.X's Incredible Waterproof Concealer and Soft Matte lip Cream. 

 2014-03-08 02.47.22


I feel so amazed with the Lip cream! The texture and swatch was nothing like I've ever tried. The cream is applied with a wand that came attached and the product dries matte on your lips! Amazing! This lip cream was selling for $15.90


A swatch on the back of my hand. All the big swatches are from the Soft Matte lip Creams, all matte!


No more on-site photos after this because one of the staff came up to me and told me not to take photographs. She said if I want to see the colour, I should go google it. I can understand how sometimes some companies have to be secretive about their products to give themselves an edge over their competitors and have the element of surprise etc. But having them laid out on such a non-exclusive shop/area + collaborating with the largest drugstore in Singapore makes it seemed a little unnecessary to even try restricting people from taking photographs. Not only that, in our Social Media empowered generation, having a photograph to share an exciting news is usually more benefit for the seller than anything else. But then again, what do I know about running a business right? The 'googling' part of her rebuke was pretty silly though. 


So many Youtube gurus say the same thing; concealer is one of those product that you will have more than one (technically all other products also can have more than one lahhhh but different concealers for different skin problem really takes the cake). I've been thinking of getting a new concealer to target my horrendous eyebags. 


I tried it on the spot (as with almost evvvvvverything they had there ^////^;; ) and felt so blown away! I randomly tried to cover one of the blue veins  on my wrist and this thing covered it completely! Not only that, I tried rubbing it many times and it didn't budge hehe. My first impression of it (from trying the testers, have yet to try my own stick) was that this product lives up to it's name as an 'incredible waterproof concealer' but it also seemed a tad bit dry so I wouldn't recommend using it to cover the dark eye circles. But because I wanted something to specifically to cover my eyebags (there is a difference xD), this consistency seemed perfect. This concealer was selling for $12.90


I found out afterwards that all products were from SMOOCHIESZZ and if you bought it from their warehouse, it will be slightly cheaper. You can find more information about them at their facebook page :


Also bought like, 5 box of Peppero (Korea Pocky with crushed Almonds!) for $4. What a steal and a jolly good way to invite Sore throat xD!


Walked out of  the AMK Hub and found Pasar Malam (Night Market)! It was bustling with so much nice products and I found this store that sold very unique and edgy necklaces.




Check out my T-rex necklace! Rwarrr!!! The skeletons are actually not an entire piece of metal but consists of individual components and so that means the T-rex can move! I think this was $15



Bought another necklace for a friend who I think will look pretty in this xD



On a totally different note, I finally filmed yet another Cosplay makeup tutorial xD Look this time is Setsuka Heel from SKIP BEAT!  I love all my photo editing photo Apps! The filters make everything look so much better !! Hopefully you guys will like the makeup look & video when it comes out >.< While filming is fun it is also stressful and time consuming. I started filming around 9pm (i think?) and ended at near 12 midnight! A lot of time is used before the shoot to research and get inspiration, a lot of time afterwards to return everything back to their places haha. 




I had fun portraying Setsuka but due to the nature of the fabric I used, the cuff always manage to make my arm look like this afterwards. It doesn’t hurt at all but I think it’s some form of abrasion while a friend suggest the stress from the cuff busted some of the blood vessels under my skin @_@; Not sure which is true but I sure know these will take me a long time to recover T__T


ok, I’m dozing off and i need to sleep now! Good nights!!

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