Mar 1, 2014

Shopping Loots! Monoke Hime & Girly stuffs!

I think my life is so horrendously boring -__-;; I can’t even remember when was the last time I hung out with friends on a weekend. This blog entry will be highly incoherent and full of random photos.


On a totally different note, I am currently blogging while watching for the Nth time “Mononoke Hime”. In case you don’t know, Mononoke Hime is a 1997 animated movie by Studio Ghibli. I never had the chance to watch the movie when it first came out, I’ve only watched it like last year. But I’m so in love with the whole production*_*


FunPlayer Childview2 2822014 110105 PM.bmp

And I really liked the main lead; Ashitaka. The last prince of his tribe who was forced to leave his village after he killed a monster boar and was cursed. Ashitaka is an old fashioned sort of anime guy. Very masculine/boyish looking , full of righteousness , chivalry and very gentle to everyone. I like guys like that ^////^;;; Unfortunately they only exist in the fictitious world u_u;

FunPlayer Childview2 2822014 111321 PM.bmp

He also have this very cute and loyal Red Elk as his steed. Yacob is very cute and I so wanna have a pet like him >w<


I’m also super in love with the live orchestra performance of the OST by Joe Hisaishi. That’s guy’s a legend and he’s responsible for pretty much all the Studio Ghibli productions music. Please go and watch the video of it above! The musicians are so talented, they did such a beautiful performance there and when synchronised with the choir and the animation, I could feel all my feels gushing through me *_*



Bought some random makeup from my neighbourhood SINMA.



This liquid eyeliner from Thailand is really quite cool. Goes on smoothly and pretty pigmented though I have yet to use it for a day out. Look forward to using it for a day out and see how it performs under the sun and my facial grease. But I am too much of a hobo to dress up and have anywhere to go to  on the weekends =w=; *Loser*



My recent Daiso loots! The mini sewing machine looks darn cute and the needle moves! was wanting to use this for my future DIY tutorials but it doesn’t work for that purpose =(



Here’s some artsy shot of the makeup from the loot. Don’t their packaging look sooooo pretty >.<? The purple and pink eyeshadow stick’s are pretty good. Super good staying power and nice colour payoff. But it stays on so well that it’s probably very hard to blend ^^;



My Daiso loot from yesterday =X I ended up buying so much snacks because I was feeling very hungry /_\ DON”T JUDGE MEEEEE



The snack bar currently behind me xD homggggggggggggggg so much snackssssssssss /_\



Oh, check out this super femmy retractable measuring tape. Bought from Daiso too xD  My old measuring tape was starting to become a little wonky so here’s my super needlessly kawaii measuring tape to replace it ahah.


I also received the parcel from Jerry Polence from the USA! First met her in HongKong for the Animax Halloween Treats Party and I’m so happy we are still keeping in contact via internet. She sent me makeup and pepperoni xDDD


I told you this entry is random! lol!

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