May 31, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past (fan girl ramble)

Just caught the Xmen movie a few days back and I'm here to vent/ channel out my fan opinions. This post is loaded with spoilers so don't read if you haven't watch the movie!



Well to be honest,  I don't watch many cartoons as a kid. The ones I can remember were only Captain Planet , X-Men and I think Gem ? Can't claim to be the biggest Xmen fan around but I've definitely watched all the movies and have been looking forward to this film for a while!



And I might have to say I feel a little disappointed.  I found myself shifting around a lot during the movie and feeling nonchalant at all those sob worthy scenes =_=; maybe I wasn't allowing the drama to go into my heart :/

But I felt the story was a little jumbled up. Things moved a little too fast for those sad drama moments to really sink in.



That said though, the parts with the sentinels ripping and piercing the mutants apart was heart wrenching to us Mutant lovers. It's so sad to see colossus (iron clad man) get ripped into two T.T. Sad to see the mighty magneto so weak and frail and powerless against them and Bishop getting blown apart. And storm,  my goddess getting killed with a single stab from the back T.T



In fact, I think that final showdown (or should I call it massacre?) Scene , played in slow motion was probably the highlight for me. It was so sad to see my childhood heroes who seemed so invincible get torn apart so mercilessly and easily. Argh hate those sentinels!



The other highlight of the movie for me was unexpectedly;  Quicksilver. Man! I'm such a fan now haha. Not the diehard fan but I enjoyed his sequence a lot! In fact his part was the part that left the deepest impression when I walked away from the theatre.






Of course, I loved the sequence at the kitchen scene. It really erupted so much laughter in the theatre and the song fit the whole sequence so well! Props to Evan Peters for his awesome portrayal. I never bothered researching about a movie before watching it so I didn't know so many people hated Quicksilver's image.  But honestly I can see why they hate it.



The 90s spykid outfit aside because I think that is actually quite legit for a teenager but his hairrrr! It just look so fake! Couldn't they have done a better job with it ><?

Thankfully,  the whole mischievous quality came through very well on screen and made quicksilver out to be an unexpectedly joyful character to watch. Especially considering how sombre the rest of the characters are.

And his imply smile before he broke the glass was super cute haha :)

Overall, this is a show that I think I should probably rewatch to better appreciate. There are plenty of questions and loop hole to ask .

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