Jun 1, 2014

Review: Graymelin 100 % Pure Beta-Glucan

Name: Graymelin 100 % Pure Beta-Glucan
Bought from: graymelin on Qoo10
Price: $26.00 (+ $3.00 shipping)
Rating: 4.5/5





Before this, I was using Arsainte ECO-THERAPY ideal essence from TheFaceShop. Then I went on to use their  Serum with Essential. But the thing about skincare is , it has to evolve with your skin and well, unhealthy skin gets influenced by the condition around it easily. Ok, cut the story short, I felt like my serums didn’t seemed as effective anymore (It could just be me asking for too much) and I decided to try something different. 

What is Beta-Glucan?

According to the seller’s webpage; Beta Glucan is a “ Third generation New concept of moisturising ingredient”.


Basically, this product promises to deeply moisturise, brighten, tightening and relax skin. It is also free from synthetic fragrances , artificial pigments, paraben , benzophenone, mineral oil and alcohols.

How to Use?

Apply this after using your toner and before your moisturisers. Just drop a suitable amount onto your palm and then pat it into the skin.


The packaging is predominantly black and white and reminds me very much of Kiehl’s products; very science and doctor-ish lol. The bottle seems to be made from some high quality plastic instead of glass which is a is made out of glass (according to my mom lol) but it feels very durable and not overly heavy. As I mentioned in the video, I like the packaging as it emits an image of quality , professionalism and trust (LOL, machiam buying insurance) and makes for a good gift idea.

Texture & Colour:

50% viscosity, nice runny texture that isn’t too watery. Product is clear in colour with no fragrance.

Absorption rate:

Gets absorbed into the skin very fast, especially on dry skin.

Effects on the Skin:

Intensely hydrates without greasing up the skin. Did not break out my skin nor irritated it.


- Intense hydration
- Affordable
- Does not irritate the skin
- Absorbs very well
- The seller ships and deliver very fast!


- none


Overall, I give this product 4.5 /5 stars. I really like this product and can’t find anything bad to say about it. That said though, this serum won’t allow you to replace your usual moisturisers with it. You will still need your usual gels, creams and sunscreens to take care of your skin.

According to my Qoo10 purchase record, I bought the product on the 26th March and received it on the 29th March evening. Talk about efficiency! The product came bubble wrapped in a small cardboard box . The delivery guy called because nobody was at home and he stuffed the box into this little gap around my door haha.

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