Jun 14, 2014

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream & Peri’s Lip Tint

I reviewed the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream & Peri’s Lip Tint! I must admit, this is my first Matte lip stick and Lip Tint and I feel pretty excited about them 8D





Name: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
Bought from: Watsons x SMoochiez
Price: $16.90
Rating: 3.8/5
My Colour: Tokyo


2014-03-08 02.47.22



- Matte finish & pastel coloured.

- Very pigmented. Colours comes off exactly like how it looked in the tube

- Has a total of 22 shades! That means a lot of colour options

- Affordable. Ok, to me, this is not cheap because the local distributors marked up the price a lot more and I had to get it at $16.90 each. But for those of you who can get it at $6 (According to the website), lucky you!!

- Tokyo is such a natural and complimenting colour for me! Looks like I don’t have much lip product on



- Slightly dry for sensitive lips like mine. I have to make sure I apply a good layer of lip balm (and let it stay on the lip long enough to be absorbed) before using it. To be fair, I always have dry lips and I constantly need to reapply lip balm; so it could just be my lips. For those of you with normal lips, you will be happy to know this product isn’t provokingly dry :D

- Dryness tends to emphasize and settles into the lines

- Formula seems to wear off not-so-gracefully. Like this zoomed-in photo below, the lipstick after a few hours, have worn off almost completely except in the middle where it has ‘caked’ up.



- Does not last as well as I would like to. I’ve worn this to a couple of Photo-shoots and  found the colours either don’t last or doesn’t really show up on photographs. Then again, It could be me licking my lips/eating  too much or because Tokyo is such a natural looking colour that it blends in.





Overall Conclusion:

I like it ! Despite the cons I said, I still like it. I look forward to slowly acquiring more of it!






Name: Peri’s Tint Water (6.5ml)
Bought from: Qoo10
Price: $5.90
Rating: 4/5
My Colour: 01 Cherry Juice





- Stains instantly

- Good pigmentation

- You can layer the colours

- Relatively long wearing and waterproof. However it will not withstand a meal

- Very affordable!

- Easy to use

- Multi purpose. You can use this as a cheek tint too

- Cute packaging



- Dries too fast so you have to blend it out very fast

- Wears off patchy.


Image 1


Overall Conclusion:


Again, I actually like it. I’ve only always used this for the ombre lip look, so my review might not be entirely fair to this product. But as a stain with a water texture, I like how flexible it can be used. I can overlay it on top of another lipstick for the ombre effect, I can use it by itself as a lip stick or I can use it to modify the colour of another lipstick.  I can also use this as a blush!