Feb 16, 2015

Review: Za True White Whitening series

I  bought Za's annual 2 Way foundation Bundle package recently and the travel size Whitening series was packed together as complimentary gifts.  The bundle includes the Toner, lotion and night cream. I've used the entire series for a couple of days and I think I'm ready to share my thoughts.



Packaging :

Nothing to rave about and nothing to get upset about. It's just light plastic in white. I do like how stylish and simplistic it looks though.


The entire series has the same mild flora scent that is reminiscent of the very first toner I used as a teenager add.  It's light and easy to miss so I guess that means it wouldn't annoy users with picky noses too much.

Texture & Absorption rate:


I couldn’t find this product on ZA’s official website so my guess is there either was a repackaging/renaming or this product has been dropped. However I’m betting its the current Za True White Ex Toner.

The toner being liquid based is absorbed easily without much need to pat or press. Just in case you’re curious, I applied it with a cotton pad like you do with usual toners. It leaves a nice non greasy feeling on the skin, I guess it is doing a good job of double cleansing my skin. However I suspect alcohol is the main ingredient in this product as the product seems to evaporate really fast. Okay I checked, the first 3 ingredients on the label is Water, Alcohol and Propylene Glycol.

Alcohol is a very common ingredient in Toner but used long term, they spell trouble for the skin. It should especially be avoided by people with dry/sensitive skin as it strips the skin’s natural oil away. 


In case you’re not aware, an Emulsion is like a lotion . You use it after your toner and before your moisturiser. This particular emulsion is very light weight and absorbs almost instantly into my dehydrated skin. Leaves the skin feeling moist for a short while.

Again, I couldn't find this product in ZA’s official website but I’m guessing it’s the ZA True White Ex Night Cream. The sample size I got really doesn’t have much information printed but usually if there is UV protection properties in something, they’d label that. So since my little jar didn’t state that, I’m going to assume it’s not a day cream but a night cream. The texture of it doesn’t feel like a day cream anyway.
For a night cream this is surprisingly light weight and again, absorbs instantly into my skin. It has an almost gel like texture that when massaged, turns watery and leaves the face looking matte.



I love how lightweight every product is however they are not the least suitable for my combination dehydrated skin. 
If I only used this combination without additional serums or moisturisers, my face feels dry and scratchy within 1.5 hour. And that's in a non-air conditioned environment. Because my skin naturally has issues retaining water and oil, which in turns contributes to dull and dark looking skin. If a product cannot solve my skin’s need for hydration , it definitely cannot foster the impression of whiter skin either. Even if it did , i probably can't tell. So no, no Whitening effect observed.

Overall :

I usually try to go through half of the product before reviewing it. However this set was clearly not suitable for my extremely dehydrated combination skin. Instead of improving my skin, it was rapidly deteriorating it as i had to skip my usual hydration rich moisturisers to fully experience this set.
I was using their TRUE WHITE DAY PROTECTOR for a long time before moving on to TheFaceShop’s Aqua Sun Gel and I’ve been a fan of their 2way foundation since I can remember. However this series (and most whitening series) is just not for me. I’m not trying to imply the products are bad though, they would probably be awesome for oily to normal skin as it doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. However i was unable to assess its ability to adequately moisturise the skin as it such as heck didn't hydrate mine.
For dry or dehydrated skin like mine, don't bother with this series. If even the night cream is not moisturising enough then we don't have to test out the rest.

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