Mar 15, 2015

Review: Daiso Makeup review!

I have been a big fan of Japanese thrift store franchise ; Daiso, since it first came to Singapore. I always have fun going through aisles of it’s budget makeup section while pondering over which to purchase. In case you are unaware, Daiso is a Japanese thrift store that sells everything for a set price. In Singapore, Daiso sells everything at SGD2 with a few exception. 

While Daiso Makeup is a good place to start your Makeup adventures, not everything that’s cheap is good. So here’s my review on some of the makeup I’ve used!

1) Ellefar Princess Eye shadow palette (Twilight)


I really really liked this! I was expecting it to be absolute thrash but I found myself reaching for it all the time. It is also the Eye shadow palette you'd find most often in my travel makeup pouch because it has all the colours necessary for a basic to smoky eye look. Yes, it’s that versatile.

Granted the texture of the shadow might not be the best but it goes onto the eyelid smooth enough and has reasonable colour payoff. It comes in 4 very usable and versatile colours and has a very useful sponge applicator. I don't usually use the sponge applicators that comes along with palettes but this is different. It has 2 different tips , a typical round kind and a pointy tip kind. I have found the pointy tip one to be highly useful! I have gotten into the habit of allocating one side of the tip for the dark shade (create eye liner with the brown eye shadow) and the other side for the light shade (create ageyo sal with the light pink shadow). My only complaint would be the lack of a mirror but for $2, just buy it !


I especially love the light pink shimmer eye shadow, it's the best eye shadow I have used (by far) to created the Ageyo sal effect. It is also pretty lasting. The photos above were taken after a long day outside.

2) Ellefar Princess Brown Liquid Eyeliner


I did a full review on another entry where I compared different eyeliners and the verdict is I like it. I like how pigmented and lasting the colours are, however, it tends to be on the wet side and takes a long time to dry. I personally don't find much use for brown liquid eyeliner because my fake lashes tend to have black bands (I'm not a fan of the transparent band lashes) but if you need brown eye shadow for a photoshoot/cosplay and don't want to spend too much, get this. 

3) Eye shadow pencil:

I feel a little partial towards this. This black eye shadow pencil smudges very badly but that also makes it a better base for dark smoky eyes. It glides onto the eyelid very very easily without any uncomfortable tugging. It also feels nice and moist on the lids. I honestly cannot think of any other uses for it other than to create a dark smoky eye.

I used this as a base to create my Setsuka Heels (SKIP BEAT!)’s smoky eye.

The pink & purple glitter eye shadow are reasonably pigmented (esp the purple one) and dries into a nice finish though they tend to be on the dry side.  The size of the pen isn’t too big or too small and makes it convenient to be used on my narrow Asian eyelid.  I’ve only ever used it lightly on the centre of my lids as a highlight base. They go on the lids surprisingly well but then again, I’ve only used it on a small area that doesn’t require much blending. My trials with the product on the back of my hand tells me it dries very fast so I encourage you to blend out as soon as possible.
IMG_0709  IMG_0713
The pictures above are shot without flash and with flash.

After some rubbing with a tissue paper, this is how it looks.  They have very good staying power and would be great as an eye shadow base.

4) Eye lash Glue


Having been so used to my Dollywink lash glue and having been duped by Daiso Lash glue before (the complimentary ones that came with the fake lashes); this was one product I held the least hope for. It did however surpassed my expectations. This particular glue I bought is black, i would have chosen a clear glue but there were none when i bought these. The amount of glue is lesser than my Dollywink lash glue but hey, it’s nearly 7 times cheaper so I’m not complaining.  It also comes in this really adorable and simple packaging.


The product dries slightly shiny and pretty  opaque. However it is not opaque enough to go without any eyeliner underneath. Then again, everyone would probably use it on top of a black liner. The shimmer however , is not obvious on the eye though i have to admit, the day I tried it, I did a dark blue smoky eye ^^; 



It might be the packaging or the manufacturing date of this particular stick i bought. But the product felt a tad dry. The glue turns tacky very fast,  making it difficult to pile the glue on without them sticking to themselves and making an uneven line. See the picture above? Even taking it out from the bottle will see them turn tacky and rubbery and making glue threads like these.

The good thing of course, is lesser waiting time. Because the glue is already very tacky, I stuck the lashes onto my eyelid almost as soon as I finish coating the lash bone. I experienced a slight burning sensation after I pasted it onto my eyelids, it went away pretty fast but I guess that’s still not a good sensation to have. I suspect the bottle I have is too old (near expiry?)


Because the lash glue is black, any excess blots of glue is obvious so it takes some practise and very steady hands to use it. I wore it out for an evening and found it to work surprisingly strongly. I did not tear nor sweat excessively so I cannot attest to it’s staying power. I guess this is a product I wouldn’t mind buying if it was clear and if you need an emergency eyelash glue.

5) Princess Blush

I’d give this blush range a 6/10. The packaging is simple but cute and for $2, the blush quantity is pretty good. The formula is a bit dry and not very pigmented so you might need a few more layers to see the colour. However that isn’t entirely bad as overly pigmented blushes can be difficult to control.  Good to buy for colour variation as the blush range carries colours from pink to coral to lilac!

6) Concealers

I believe I bought this particular concealer in the lightest shade. It is a cream concealer that comes in a stick form and I absolutely love the packaging.  The texture is a little dry but it conceals relatively well. It should fit people with oily skin better. Also, I would only use this on spots or acne as  I suspect the dryness would create and emphasis fine lines under the eye . It would also probably look cakey under the eye as the skin around that area tends to be more delicate and dry.


Everbliena Concealer (Light Ecru): This is a liquid concealer that comes with a brush applicator. It is very pigmented and opaque however it is on the dry side and can easy look cakey.

IMG_1176 IMG_1177

I tried using it to conceal my dark eye circles and really didn’t enjoy using it.  It was very hard to blend and looks cakey on me. The texture of the concealer felt like the manufacturer did a poor job of mixing the liquids with the powder. When I was blending out the concealer it felt like i was blending chalk. I might use it to highlight my brow bone but I definitely won’t use it to conceal anything.


I have more Daiso products to review but I’ll save that for another entry. Hope you liked this entry. Do you agree with my opinions ? Do you have any Daiso makeup to recommend?? Leave me a comment and let me know xD


Grace Sparklewolfie said...

I'm always very curious about Daiso cosmetics. I've not bought any myself (other than false lashes if those count) because I'm afraid they will be bad or cause a reaction. I may try some of the powder products though. It seems they have more trouble with liquid products?

Kaika ( aka Elpheal) said...

@Grace Sparklewolfie :

Sorry for the late reply. I think with all DAISO makeup, it really is a hit or miss. I've tried another of their cream concealer and it was awesome. So anyway, I like to think of buying DAISO as an affordable past time lol. If it works, great! If it doesn't, well, see what you can salvage from the $2 spent (recycle the container or use it for painting etc).

Kaika ( aka Elpheal) said...
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Grace Sparklewolfie said...

Many of the package is cute enough to reuse anyway!
And tube containers can be used for crayons lipstick or something. I will probably try a couple of the powder blush and setting powder next time

Thanks for review and reply!

Anonymous said...

could you please do a blog on the best types of daiso lashes?

Anonymous said...

I bought the eyelash glue - clear. Not recommend. Dries within seconds. I put it on the back of my hand and it dries so fast by the time I have put the cap on, some has dried already. Will be impossible to apply eyelashes.

Elpheal said...

Anonymous 1: I'll try to blog about the best type of lashes one day!

Anonymous 2: Thanks for the feedback! Someone else commented on my youtube review video of Daiso makeups that the lash glue in clear was very good >.< I guess the quality of the product is really random eh.

Unknown said...

Ive been curious about the cosmetics. They started making the lashes with a thinner band thankfully. I wamted to see about the glue that i bought. It's different than the one you reviewed but thats okay,i'll consider this one.

Unknown said...

Ive been curious about the cosmetics. They started making the lashes with a thinner band thankfully. I wamted to see about the glue that i bought. It's different than the one you reviewed but thats okay,i'll consider this one.