Mar 25, 2015

Review: TFS Arsainte Ecotheraphy Crystal Water Ultra Cream

I’ve been through maybe 3 jars of this and I’m finally here with a review! This is the Arsainte Ecotheraphy Crystal Water Ultra Cream from the FaceShop.


Name: Arsainte Ecotheraphy Crystal Water Ultra Cream
Weight: 100ml

Price: $24 (Online price) $58:00 (Retail Price. Price may vary)




Item Description & Application method

A cream that contains pito collagen keeps the skin moisturized for 25 hours. Gives elasticity and miniaturization. After putting toner & emulsion, get adequate amount and apply from inside to outwards

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Loving the whole frosty white and light metallic blue + Snowflake theme. Really sets the crystal water theme across nicely.  The jar is made of glass and has a simple lid with a protective plastic lid. Nothing original but gets the job done.




At $58.20 (price varies. I believe the Singapore retail price is also different), it appears a little pricey at first glance. But for 100ml, i think it's money well spent. If you buy it online, it is even cheaper! If you’re not someone who wants to risk online purchase, hold out until the annual Great Singapore Sale or Year End Sale and TheFaceShop will usually have some ridiculous discounts for this baby. Stock up during the sale period!




A slight fragrance is observed . It is subtle and gives a nice soothing effect.



Texture & absorption rate

Product appears opaque white but blends clear into the skin.


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Beautiga (Qoo10)


The texture feels like the love child of whipped lotion and gel. It blends or rather I should say it glides effortlessly on the skin. When on the skin, it feels watery and hydrating. Depending on the amount used and the dehydration level of your skin, it will probably be absorbed easily. Because I tend to pile moisturisers on like there’s no tomorrow and usually on top of heavy toners and serums, it may take me a while to pat this fully into my skin.



Effects & Overall Comment


I love this product! I think it's great for people with dehydrated or acne prone skin (or people with both like me =_=) . It's watery, goes on smoothly and gets absorbed fairly easily. It leaves the skin feeling hydrated and moisturised but not overly sticky. It does not contain paraben and has not made me break out before (as far as I can observe from the 2 -3 jars I've used).


For people with oily and/ or Acne prone skin; this product would do you well too. It can give your skin water without overwhelming your pores with too much grease. For oily skin , this moisturiser might be all you need.




For people with dehydrated skin, this is a God sent as it targets pumping water into the skin. The Pito collagen inside also helps to hold the moisturise in your skin longer.


That said, for people with very dehydrated skin like myself, i will still be required to apply a thin layer of cream moisturiser over it to seal the water in. If i don't,  my skin will start to feel dry within a few hours. But that's the problem with my skin and not so much the product ^^;


I personally prefer Hada labo's perfect whitening gel to this as HL's gel seem to hold more nutrients and brightens the skin along the way. But from a price point perspective,  TFS's ultra crystal cream is half the price and very worth the purchase for someone who’s looking to add a hydration product into her skincare routine.

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