Jul 6, 2015

My Taobao Haul! Watch my wallet burn!!

It's been a long while since I've come with such a random post. It's always nice to choke the blog with valuable reviews and trip posts but once in a while we all need a bit of craziness. Or maybe I'm just a little obsessed with my shopping loot and wants to show it off like any other girl hahaha.





Unwrapping a parcel is always exhilarating and done with respect. But unwrapping a taobao parcel this big and have been anxiously anticipated this long ... is a little barbaric lol.




Damnit! The mobile blogger app just undid my blog post! Not sure what I did but it didn't save my typing! Arghhh!! Okay whatever,  come and check out my haul!




The first item i dug out was my boots. I've been searching high and low and yearning for this to reach. I needed it for my Sailor Mercury cosplay and for the life of me, unable to find a right pair of boots in Singapore. Sadly, it has disappointed me as it is way too dark! I swear it was brighter in the taobao photos and I even asked the seller to describe the colour. Seems like I'd have to make boots cover after all T.T




The next item was this.  I'm not usually a pants sort of girl due to my bigger lower half (don't you dare start the whole "you are so skinny" or phishing for compliments argument or i will punch you in your assuming jackass face!!).  But i decided to get a nice comfy pair for travelling. I'll be flying to Europe soon so I reckon a pair of plain stretch pants should serve me well as pyjamas and hiking pants. Not the most fashionable on midget Kaika but it will do.





But for the life of me, i don't understand why the lace ends are different.  One is silver, another is black =_=. I guess this is what you paid for.





And then I got some autumn tights. They are labelled autumn because there is fur inside of them to make them warmer. Would be very useful for travelling to cold places. This particular one was on offer and i bought 4 for like really cheap.  Shipping was another matter.... ?




And then glittery jelly shoes! This particular pair was on offer, like 9rmb or something. I think even with the shipping to Singapore included, it's still cheaper than buying from the store. I've been a fan of jelly shoes since they came out. I love how comfy they usually are,  how they ventilate and how well they wash. They are good as an extra pair of walking shoes that can also double as a slipper/bathroom shoes if you want. Because they are plastic, they can be stored in the luggage easily and they are rain proof. Just wipe them down when they get wet  and they are good to go. Plus they still look presentable enough to wear on a night out (I think. Nobody looks at shoes anyway).




Another gem of my haul is this 7-Eleven compressible trolley bag . Ikr, who knew 7-Eleven had these? I think it was originally from Thailand because the instruction manual inside is in Thai but bought from China. Hmmmm now we know China imports their stuffs too hehehe. I had since 2010 (my first trip to Japan!) , been tolling a little flora luggage around for cosplays and short getaways. I even lugged it to Sydney for my church camp and marvelled everyone with my super light travel gear. Oh, I went to china for 11d 10n with it too.




But for 5 weeks in Europe, i decided i need a bigger bag. Not necessarily heavier but one that ultilise the cabin baggage size more effectively. And because we already have 3 trolley luggage and multiple other sling/hand carry travel bags,  i really needed one that can be tucked away when not in use. This is a photo of the luggage when it is compressed.





Sadly the product I received was defective and one of the main buckle in front was totally Missing-In-Action =___=;;; That means I need to buy one and sew it on myself-__-





Wig and wig care set!


And then I bought this really cute, Tokidoki pirated inspired compressible shopping bag!




See how big it is compared to the shoes? It can be flattened into a size slightly bigger than an A5 book. The quality of the fabric was much better than I expected and it has a lining. There is also a small zipped pouch and mobile pouch inside.






My legs are short enough to hide itself of it ahhahaa.




And then shoes!!! I’ve been oogling at this pair of brown oxford, flora shoes for ages. I finally have it now! Though sad to say, after just one day of wearing, the pleather on the inner corner of my left leg has shown sights of peeling. I admit I tend to drive my shoes crazy but peeling after 1 day is still =/


I also bought an umbrella which is supposed to be super sun resistant but was too lazy to take photographs of it.




And here is the biggest heartache of all…. near SGD$2000 worth of products. Can you hear my wallet wailing T_T? I bought the Sony a5000 camera on Qoo10 for around $382. The discount fluctuates but I bought it when the camera was $364.


So busy i didn't even have time to unwrap this baby #macbookair #tech

A photo posted by Kaika (@elpheal) on


The Macbook air was the cheapest 11inch version with 3 year warranty plan. I bought it at the Best Denki shop in Vivocity and they gave me a free keyboard cover, wireless mouse and an external DVD drive. My 3 year warranty also had 20% discount. I bought it last Thursday but have been so busy that I haven’t even unbox it until now!! Ahhhhhh. Okay, this can’t go on, I shall go over and unbox it now in case anything is spoilt. After all, 7 days return policy.


Hope you guys liked my haul blog entry! Will probably review the Sony a5000 camera or something next time!

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it's spelled fishing (for compliments), not phishing. Phishing has another meaning.