Aug 21, 2015

Review: Sommerhostel Salzburg (Hostel)

I stayed 3 nights in the Sommerhostel Salzburg hostel and liked it a lot. Here's my review of the place.
Name: Sommerhostel Salzburg 
Address: Strubergasse 1, Lehen, 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Check in: 14:00 - 16:00 hours
Check out: 14:00 - 16:00 hours


I stayed in a 3 bedroom hostel. It wasn't stated in but it turned out to be a mixed dorm. First night I shared the room with 2 girls and the other nights I shared it with 2 guys.

The room is big enough with wooden flooring and furniture. There are wooden cabinets beside the main door for you to put your stuffs in. The cupboard area is also isolated from the bedroom with a seperate set of door and lamp.
There is no air conditioner in the room and the summer I was there felt very stuffy. We had to open all the windows to ventilate.


Nice mattress with a comforter and pillow. Pillow as usual, is too soft for me.



There is an attached bathroom in our room with some place to hang your laundry. Shower head with hot and cold water. The toilets are clean.


The floor is not squeaky clean but I can live with that. Everything else is surprisingly clean.


Just 1 station away from the main Salzburg Hdf station. Alight at Salzburg Müllin Aldstat station , walk towards the direction with the mountain (the direction towards Elizabethkai). Take the lift or stairs down and turn left .

The signs should point that it is going towards Lehen

The river should be on your right, and within 2 minutes you should see the front gate of the hostel.  It's the first building on your left.
The location is great and walking distance from many attractions such as the Mirabell Garden and the Old town. The only problem is it can get a little noisy because it is too close to the train station.


I paid €84 for 3 nights which might be a little on the high side for a dormitory. 


A nice and thick toilet is provided but no toiletries. I am not sure if you can borrow any hairdryer.
There is a pantry area near the lift with a small fridge for the hostel users to use. The pantry is well equipped with toasters, microwaves and stoves. The place is also a student dormitory so you will see a lot of students going about their day.
Wifi is only available in the public areas like reception and pantry.
Reception area in the ground floor
The public area near the lift and pantry.
The hostel does not provide breakfast but sometimes free bread is given. Pick it up yourself at the pantry or at the reception desk. If you will be arriving late, make sure to inform the hostel as they close at 4pm. However, when i arrived around 5.30pm (got lost), i was still able to get a staff to check me in.

The staffs were friendly and the one who checked me in gave me a lot of tips. Such as where to get groceries and where to sightsee. and also gave me this incredibly useful map of Salzburg. Almost all the major attractions are within walking distance if I’m not wrong. Click to enlarge the map.
Free Salzburg attractions Map
There is a SPAR supermarket 10 minutes from the hostel where you can get amazingly cheap groceries. I bought these for less than €6 and they lasted 2 meals.

Conclusions :

I like the location and the vibe of the place and don't mind basing myself there again the next time I visit Salzburg!


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