Dec 14, 2015

More Daiso makeup review !

I reviewed a few Daiso Makeup earlier this year in another blog post. But I thought I'd do a video review and cover some new products I've bought from Daiso. In this blog post, I'll share pictures of the product and give my written reviews. Some of the products have appeared in the first blog post and will not be repeated here.

Daiso is a Japanese thrift store that sells everything for a set price of 100yen. In Singapore, Daiso sells everything at just SGD2. Ever since the huge dip in Japanese yen, I've been saving all my Daiso purchases for Japan because 110yen (100yen + 10yen tax) is just SGD$1.3!! That's 70cents cheaper than Singapore!

1. Winmax Pearl Rouge (Coral orange)

This lipstick is not very pigmented and tends to look more pink than orange on my lips. Maybe I need to apply a layer of concealer on my lips to set the canvas right haha. But it has a nice and simple packaging, feels nice and moisturising on the lips and has a shimmer finishing.

2. Special lip gloss

I'm sorry but I can't read Japanese so I don't know what this is called. It's a basic pink gloss with a very cute packaging (there's a gem on top!). But can't say I love this because it tends to tingle on my lips and makes me feel a little uncomfortable. However I do have sensitive skin and lips so it might be just me. For a pink gloss and the amount you get, I think it's worth the money. Just be warned that someone (me) was reactive to it.

3. Fake Lashes Voluminous type (no. 11)

Love Daiso lashes! I particularly like this design and have been using it for my cosplays for a long time. It is dense and it's has a very nice criss-cross design. The lashes are separated into sections so when worn on the eyes, it looks very dramatic and intense without covering my eye shadow or eye crease like Fan type falsies tend to do. 

4. Ellefar Princess Volume Mascara (Brown) 

I'm not a fan of Mascaras because my natural lashes are too short and thin I much rather just stick falsies on. But this is a nice and simple mascara with a thin/average sized wand. Sadly, it doesn't live up to the 'volume mascara' claim and does not do anything to volume-up my lashes.

However if you already have long , thick lashes and just want some colour on them. This $2 mascara can get the job done.

5. Ellefar Makeup series, Nose Highlight Powder

I love this so much! It's a very simple product, it does highlight and it's spectacular at it. Even though it's a small jar, it's so filled to the brim that it would probably take my whole life to use up. I use this highlighter on nearly all my makeup videos.

It comes in 2 colours. Type A is a white , silverish colour, Type B is a champagne, peach colour.

I personally prefer the champagne coloured one as it gives a more natural finish. The white highlight (Type A) is more effective but can look silverish on the skin. Take it slow with this product because a little goes a long way! Don't pile too much highlighter on your skin otherwise you can look greasy.


I hope you guys liked this review! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Have you tried any other Daiso makeup before? If you have any recommendations or any favourite DAISO products, please share with me too!