Jan 26, 2016

Japanese Makeup Review!

I finally did this review! It was quite a bit of work and took a while for me to really test the different makeup before I reviewed them. I love travelling to Japan and I love trying out Japanese drugstore makeup. So here are some of the Japanese makeup I’ve tried and reviewed! Enjoy!

japanese makeup!

1) Canmake Mixing Concealer

Price: 750 yen
> Buy on Qoo10


I admit, it’s really the packaging that lured me to this, hahah. But who can resist this cute Biscuit design?! The concealing power is pretty average and in humid singapore, I found the concealer to be slightly greasy. However the design of the palette is meant for you to mix your own shade and that can be pretty useful. I usually use the darker shade for my under eye darkness , the middle shade for my acne/spots and the lightest shade for my eye bags. It also has a handy double ended brush which I have mixed feelings about. I like the sponge applicator but find the brush end a little too stiff. Stiff concealer brush is good for spot concealing but hard to blend the edges.
Overall, I think it is suitable for someone with relatively healthy skin and just needs moderate concealing. The packaging is cute and travel friendly because you now have 3 concealer all in 1 box. It also features SPF+, PA++++

2) Canmake Color Stick concealer

Price: 580 yen
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This is a cream concealer in a stick for,. The concealing power is average and feels slightly less greasy than the Canmake Colour Mixing Concealer above. I like the stick like design as it is very space efficient.
Canmake colors stick apparently has a lot of other shades for different purposes such as highlighting and brightening.

3) Canmake Stay on balm rouge

Price: 580 yen
> Buy on Qoo10


LIke I mentioend int he video, I’m not sure what to think about this. On one hand I like how moisturising it feels but on the other hand, the pigmentation feels a little off. It might be the fact that my shade looks so natural on my lips, I can barely tell it’s there and thus feels like it’s not working.
Overall, this range is designed to be a “tinted lip balm” and I think it performs as designed. If you’re someone looking to add some colour to your dry lips and can’t be bothered with applying both a lip balm and a lip colour, this is a very good option. Canmake also touts is as having UV-reducing effect. SPF. PA+


4) Canmake lip concealer

Price: 580 yen
> Buy on Qoo10


I like how moisturising it is but a part of me feel like it’s a redundant purchase. It might be the fact that I don’t usually do nude lips , thus the lack of motivation to use it. But the part that disappoints me most is how my lips turn a little pale purple after using it. I expected it to dull the lips down instead of changing the colour tone. It is however, really quite moisturising.
If you don’t do nude lips often, just buy a normal concealer and use some lip balm.

5) Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue

Price: SGD$18.90
> Buy on Qoo10

My favourite eyelash glue along with DUO Eyelash glue. It glues the lashes on very well and  last all day. The glue is white but dries clear and is disperse with a tip applicator.

My only grip with it, is the fact that the free lash glue that comes with their false eyelashes are better than this. However buying Dolly Wink eyelashes just for the accompanied glue (in mini size) is way too extravagant a spending.  Overall, I love it and it’s my holy grail!

6) Dolly Wink brown & black liquid eyeliner

Price: SGD$24.90
> Buy on Qoo10

Anyone who has been following my Youtube channels will know that I love this eyeliner. I use it on pretty much all my Makeup tutorials and for my cosplays. The colour is intense, long lasting and glides onto the lid seamlessly. For someone with hooded double eyelid, this pen last really well! However the best thing I like about it is how reliable it is. Unlike many other eyeliners I used (Check out my Eyeliner challenge review), it always manage to disperse the liquid out smoothly, doesn’t dry out prematurely and last very well. I’m not saying it doesn’t budge at all, it does flake off some times and of course, when I oil too much at the outer corner of my eyes, it gets melted off. But it is the best I’ve tried and found myself continuously reaching out for it.
Sadly the brown liquid eyeliner doesn’t seem to work as well. I often find the tip dried and difficult to apply. Maybe I got a faulty pen =(

7) K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP Micro

Price: SGD$21.90
> Buy on Qoo10

I actually got this from JapalangSG to try and I really liked it. I especially like it’s super fine tip that is 0.05m thin. Because it is so fine however, I do notice the product dispersation can be a little jammed up some times however it’s not a big problem. Just shake it a few times before you continue. The liner is lnog lasting and suitable for people going for very very natural makeup. I personally like to use it to draw fake lower eyelashes haha. I reviewed in depth on my other blog entry, so check it out if you’re keen.


8) Marjolica Majorca Line Hunter

Price: ???
> Buy on Qoo10

I bought this in Japan upon a recommendation from my friend. She mentioend that it’s pretty long lasting and she never had problems with it. I’m not sure if I got a fault pen or something but I really don’t like this at all. I know a lot of people online like it but it felt very watery, not very pigmented and the product disperses horribly. I had to keep recapping and shaking the pen to get more liquid out. Trying to finish a line with this pen was unpleasant.

The liquid also leaked on me when I opened the cap after shaking. It even splattered all over me –__-;; I really wanted to like it but I couldn’t. I’m not bashing the product or brand but just stating my truthful experience. However of course, this is just one opinion from one user. This product does have a good track record according to google search.


9) K-Palette 1 day Tattoo Real lasting eyebrow mascara

Price: SGD$19.90

Again, this was given to me to try but my opinions are my own. As I mentioned int he video, I really liked it! I love how natural and subtle it changes the eyebrows. The comb like applicator makes it easier for you to get to the root of your eyebrows and the colour is very long lasting. It also doesn’t leave your eyebrows feeling of looking crispy. Check out my full review here.


10) Canmake Cream cheek

Price: 580 yen
> Buy on Qoo10


I really like this! I bought this last april and is nearly hitting the pan already. I love how it turns velvety on the face and how the colour brightens my face. The colour payoff is good though if you want it to be exactly like how it looks in the pan, you might need a bit more of it. It last relatively well though after a long day, I sometimes find it hard to find it (pun intended xD) on my face.  But at such a competitive price point, it’s really hard to beat!


I’m wearing a tonne of it here though it’s not easy to tell haha.


11) Canmake Cheek & Cheek 

Price: probably 580yen

I just realise this product has been discontinued because I can’t find it on the website anymore. But the quality of this blusher in terms of colour pay off and texture has nothing to nitpick and makes me want to get more blushes from Canmake. It is not too pigmented but good enough. The free blush brush is pretty good too. Very soft however a little too dense for me.


12) Shiseido Spotscover Foundation

Price: 1200yen
> Buy on Qoo10

Probably the best concealer I’ve used yet and I love it! It comes in a cream form so it’s easy to apply and blends out easily. It is also not too dry. I don’t think it can conceal tattoos but for general spots and dark eye circles, this will perform excellent. The amount of product you get is excellent too. 20ml is a lot of concealer!


13) Art Collection Tokyo, Smooth Concealer

Price : 100yen

It tends to be more on the greasy side so I avoid using it on my spots/pimples though I have tried before and it does a moderately good job. I especially love using it on my dark eye circles because it is slightly orangey toned and covers well. And at just 100yen, it’s really hard to resist.

14) Art Collection Tokyo, Pore Cover Powder

Price: 100 yen

It is very fine pressed powder that is yellowish tone. It brightens my skin very well , gives an almost poreless finish and has good oil control. However it turns cakey after a few hours and looks terrible after that. Especially for someone witth problem skin liek me, the powder just sinks into every lines and spots and emphasised my pores. Don’t think I’ll recommend this.



Hope you guys appreciate this review and video! It was easy getting everything together so I’d appreciate it if you let me know what you think. Comment, subscribe and like! Share it with your friends who are going to Japan too so they know exactly what to get!

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