Jan 30, 2017

Cheap, easy & fun bachelorette games that are not raunchy

It's time to celebrate your BFF’s closure to her exciting single life and you've been assigned to conjure up activities for her bachelorette party. But not every bride is into wild and raunchy parties (strip tease? Boring!) And not every guest is age appropriate so you're not quite sure what to do.

Here are some bachelorette party activities you can consider that are fun, wholesome and won't break the bank. The highlight in this line up is maximum impact for minimal effort because, let's be realistic, who has time to slave over games preparations?

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1) Heads up.

Download the app on your Smartphone or better yet, tablets (bigger screen whee~). The exhilarating and, this part is important - "ready made" game means lots of silly fun with zero work! Everyone gets to have fun, even the game master!  Split the guests into teams and have them battle it out in this easy to enjoy game will start the party in a fun and manageable mood.

If you’re too cheap to purchase the app, just make your own charade game with paper and pen. Or you can download other charade-like apps on the app store. There’s even a Singapore-based charade app with everyone’s favourite singlish lingos xD.



2) Do a Telematch.

Simple and physical party games are the best way to break the ice because let’s face it; the bride probably has many different groups of friends. Since the dominant gender of the guests will likely be feminine, bear that in mind while selecting your game. If your psychic power forewarns you that the guests are likely to be as excited as canned fishes, then keep the games simple and manageable. Overly complex and exhausting games will likely discourage enthusiasm.

Check out “Minute to Win It Gamers” on YouTube for game inspirations. They are an amazing channel with a lot of party games content.

Slightly more intellectual games such as “Remember the Lyrics” or “Guess the song” would do well to hype up the crowd and encourage participation too. YouTube has some ready-made videos you can probably leech on.


If the bride is an Otaku and so are her BFFs, may I suggest “Name the Anime Characters” game made by yours truly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGpQzyg6c-A

3) Quiz the bride.

A must-have game at every bachelorette party IMHO. Prepare a list of personal questions about the bride/groom and let the guests answer them. I suggest splitting the guests into teams to encourage competitiveness and let the bride decide who has the right/ better answer and award a point accordingly. Allowing the bride to be the judge brings the attention back on to the bride and encourages interaction as the competition will propel the guests to start spewing interesting (or blackmail worthy) stories in an attempt to win. This also means you don’t need to spend time coordinating with the bride on the answers prior to the party.

Prepare questions that encourage the guests to share their stories or memories (from embarrassing to heart-warming) with the bride. This game is best played at the end as it will wrap the party up in the right mood and directing all the attention back onto the bride.

Below are some questions you can use. Remember, you don’t have to ask every single one of them, feel the mood of your crowd and think on your feet. Don’t drag the game on if your guests are not excited. If they are excited, throw in a few more juicy questions to hype the mood up. Go with your gut feeling here!
  1. what is the full name of the groom?
  2. when is the bride’s birthday?
  3. what is the bride’s favourite colour?
  4. Vintage or classy? (fashion/art/home deco style/bride decides)
  5. Is she a submissive girlfriend/wife?
  6. how many siblings?
  7. how many shoes does she have?
  8. favourite sport?
  9. what's the most embarrassing thing to have happened to her?
  10. her favourite pop idol and why?
  11. what surgery has she undergone before?
  12. how did the groom propose?
  13. rose or lilies?
  14. Lizard or mosquitoes? (which she love or hates more)
  15. what is the most traumatising thing to have happened to her?
  16. her biggest travel screw up? 
  17. what's her favourite food?
  18. Is she a selfie person?
  19. How many one piece dress does she own?
  20. how long were the groom and bride together before they tied the knot?
  21. what is her best dish?
  22. Who is crazier? The groom or the bride ?


4) Quiz the groom.

While no man’s allowed at a bachelorette party, the groom is an exception. Only that it’s in the form of a pre-filmed video or a Video call. You can either pre-film a video asking the groom a list of questions and getting the bride to guess his answers. Or you can video call the groom (make sure you arrange his schedule with him beforehand! ) and get him to do something to entertain the crowd. Some of the things you can get the groom to do are listed below.
  1. How did they meet and what he first thought of the bride
  2. Share his proposal story (It’s usually a little embarrassing to retell your own proposal story and the groom would probably go shy (especially if this question was pounced on him) and that’s what makes this fun).
  3. Sing a love song to the bride. If he didn’t do well enough, the crowd can always request for more songs.
  4. Do a dance. Let your imaginations go wild here!
  5. Make him recite a list of promises to the bride (The bride will probably get emotional here so keep the tissue box close! Also prepare the list beforehand to avoid awkward still air! )

I hope this blog entry gave you some inspiration. If you liked the entry, remember to leave me a comment and tell me what you think. If you’re interested in the fun content I upload on my blog, make sure you follow the blog via email – just input your email in the textfield on the right column above and you’r on board with me \(^_^)/

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