Jan 23, 2017

Some beauty shoppings & randomness!

This is a little random update of my life, just for the heck of it. Went beauty necessity shopping today after church and here's what I found.

Okay , nothing really exciting and what's with those mini Tiger Balms?!

I got them for $1.15 each at myCk Department store. They say "Department" stores but really, it's nothing like the luxury brand you envisaged haha. They are actually a budget store with a huge array of items from bedsheets and shoes to face masks and snacks. 

Back to my Tiger Balms. 

I bought them for two friends who live in Australia and are big users of the balm which according to them, cannot be found there. Another one of it is for a colleague who keeps borrowing mine at work to apply it to his rash. I never knew tiger balm could sooth rashes but he swears by it and apparently it works, so there. 

I keep a small tin of knits and knots in my bag every day that I absolutely love and it includes band aids, pills , eye drops, safety pins, hair bands, hair clips and you guessed it - a mini Tiger Balm 8D. I don't claim to be a big user of the product, though. I'm of the opinion that it probably doesn't do anything for the body except alleviates discomfort through invigorating the senses (smell & touch). 

But it has been useful on days where I get giddy from the shaking of the car or when a friend feel nauseous from over-eating seafood. A tiny tin like it is worth carrying around, after all, you never know when it might help someone. The antacids in the tin are life savers too since you never know when gastric might strike. I've never actually used the antacid in my tin for myself (thank God!), they always ended up in someone else's tummy and I'm happy to provide that medical relieve.

I bought this cute tin from DAISO years ago. That tiny squeeze bottle contains some lotion - mighty useful for moisturizing dry hands and face. The squeeze bottle is actually a tiny sauce bottle from DAISO meant for bentos. I absolutely love using it and I use it to store pretty much everything except bento sauces xD They are amazingly useful for storing shampoos, toners, lotion or any liquid you need for traveling because they are lightweight, easy to squeeze and allows you to bring a big variety of products without lugging too many millimeters around. You need to know that 8 bottles of 50ml make up nearly half a kilogram. Check out my blog entry about packing light for travel.

I also bought Kose's Babyish High Moisturizing mask (50 sheets). I've never tried it before but I think I've seen it in the drug stores in Japan. According to the sticker on the top left, it's the number one seller for nine continuous years in Japan. Not quite sure what ranking that is, it could be from Cosme but still it somehow managed to tempt me into believing in its effectiveness.

I bet it will just be a pretty average facemasks for everyday maintenance. Maybe not so suitable as a weekly intensive skincare routine but hey, you get what you paid for. I paid $19.90 for 50 pieces in this big zip lock bag so it divides to roughly $0.39 per piece. The labels on the shelf had said it cost $14.90 but it turns out to be a "Purchase with purchase" promotion that requires the shopper to purchase $15 worth of goods (excluding the promotion item) first.

Darn! If I had known that it was a "purchase with purchase" promotion, I would have bought my other stuff in the same shop! That would have clocked up $15 worth of purchase to give me a full $5 discount! Grnhhhh!

I know some people are not in favor of facemasks in big packets like these. Citing hygiene and uneven distribution of serums in the masks as reasons but I actually much prefer masks like these. Especially if they are masks intended for frequent use. Because not only do they lower the cost by minimising packaging, they also encourage me to reach for it. It's strange but the action of opening a new packet of facemask sometimes stirs up the grinch in me - "do I really need to use this facemask tonight? Isn't it excessive?". Yeah, I ask myself questions like these over a puny mask because I'm cheap. 

But if it's a big bag like this it takes the questioning out of the equation. I encourage myself to use the mask because if I don't, it might dry up soon! So there - my strange cheapskate logic. I force myself to spend money in order to save money. Excellent job Elpheal *slow claps*. Is anyone else the same as me? leave me a comment and let me know!

If you're interested in getting this enormous bag of facemask from Kose, check out Qoo10. They are selling it for just SGD$18.80 (-_____-). 

The Oxy acne cream were $6.30 each, no special discount. Standard old school beauty product that still works today ahha. The Liese hair dye were $13.90. 

Okay totally random. I just want to show you how cute my new mobile charger is. It's less than 1 cm thick, just slightly bigger than a normal name card and it's polka dot patterned on a beautiful shade of blue! Isn't it just the most adorable thing ever ?! It's perfect as an everyday emergency charger that you can just dump in your bag ( I use a small, three section bag)! Granted it's only 2500 mAh but that's good enough for a last minute boost. Any bigger and it's going to get bulky.

I received this Christmas gift from Kelvin and Sylvia all the way from Australia. I accidentally left my Xiaomi 10,000mAh charger on the flight back from Sydney last December and was so devastated and complained about it on Facebook. The couple were so sweet to think of me when they saw this beautiful thing in the store and decided to fly it over for me! Much thanks to Glenn for being the delivery man heheh.

Presents like these really warms your heart from the very depth. Not just because I got a new charger ( I actually got a 13,000 mAh charger from another friend for Christmas because I heavily hinted that I wanted one ahhaha) but because you know someone cares. Someone listened to your complaints on Facebook, know what you're going through and thought enough of you to want to help alleviate your pain, however small it might be. And this polka dot beauty is just so kawaii I kenot <3 !

Continuing my random streak, please avoid the essential oils from Japan Home if you can. They are the cheapest oils you'll ever find and you'll know why they cost so little once you use it. The scents are diluted and take many many many many drops to fill up a small area with it's scent. So no. Don't buy it.

Before I abruptly end my random shopping blog, here's a Meitu Handpainting picture of me because why not xD?!

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