Jan 1, 2017

Review: Pool Party Hostel (Siam Reap, Cambodia)

Name: Pool Party Hostel
Address: #0568, Group 5 , Vihear Chin Village , Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Website: Booking.com


I stayed 4 nights at the Pool Party Hostel in Siam Reap and here’s my little review.


Room & Bed

I stayed in the 6 bed female dormitory and the room was so spacious! There was a lot of space to put your bags and big lockers was provided. You can either use your own locks or rent one from them for free. You only need to pay a deposit amount for the locks.

A towel is provided along with new bedsheet and a pillow. One small bedside lamp is at your bed and the bed is luxurious! It’s almost like a Queen sized bed! Clean, spacious and comfortable! The room is also air-conditioned which makes it very comfortable to sleep in. My only complain would be how dim the lights are. Even at the maximum, the lights in the room were difficult to see.



Toilet / shower room

The toilets are nestled with the shower rooms. So going to toilet can be a messy business because the floors are almost always wet. But the good thing is they have many cubicle that are empty most of the time so you will always have a toilet available (at least in my experience) .




Cleanliness was okay. Due to the abundance of mud roads in cambodia, dust and sand is always everywhere. However the dust in the rooms are usually okay as you are required to take off your shoes when you enter indoor. Overall everything was pretty okay.




The place is kinda on the outskirts of the city central. It’s not super far but it probably takes 15-20 minutes to walk leisurely to the market and pubs area. I’m fine with walking but I can’t say I’m a fan of the uneven roads you have to pass through. Certain parts of the route gets very dim because there isn’t a lot of street lamps. If distance and darkness offends you, you might like to take this into considerations.

But the distance made sure the place was nice and quiet.




I paid SGD$29 for four nights of stay. Pretty good deal for the amazing bed and comfortable environment.




Overall, I like the place. I like the spacious , clean  and modern environment. The owner was very friendly and so were the staffs. When I was there, renovations were on-going to improve the place so I’m sure it will be even more amazing when you are there. The pool looks clean and so does the other facilities like the toilets, hammocks and the restaurant. The design of the place evokes comfort and cosiness.



I particularly liked the affordable restaurant/cafe they have just beside the pool. Food is not included in the stay but dining at the restaurant is very affordable and recommended especially if you have a weak stomach. The menu has a nice combination of traditional and western food, just in case you miss your fish and chips =).


The distance fromt he city central is a down side though as not only is it far, it gets very dark after the sun goes down. So if the dark scares you, you might want to reconsider your choice.



I use Booking.com to book pretty much all my hostels and Hotel stays the past year or so. I've stuck with them because their website is simple, intuitive and highly intelligent, If you download the app on your smartphone, all your hotel information instantly syncs to it and you have all you need to know (maps, directions, agreed price, booking number etc) at the tip of your fingers. It is super useful for long trips as you can book and store all your accommodation information in a single place.

* Just a disclaimer, I earn some commission when you book via the search engine below. It wouldn't come from you but from Booking.com & the hostee. I would really appreciate it if you do though, as it's a nice way to fund all these unbiased reviews and travel tips. But if you don't want to, of course I won't (be able to) force you to haha. Enjoy travelling!


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