Feb 2, 2017

Review: Heme Baby Q Silicon Sponge

Nme: Heme Silicon Sponge
Retail price: SGD$9.90  
Rating: 4.5/5

I’ve been wondering for a long time if there could ever be something that can replace a makeup sponge in application while being super convenient to maintain. And apparently, I’m not the only one lamenting the inconvenience of our old fashion sponges because someone came up with the idea of using silicon to apply foundation! I’ve tried this sponge for a few days now and here’s my quick review!


silicon sponge thumb





Heme’s Baby Q Silicon Sponge came in a sealed ziplock bag. Nothing particularly fancy about it but I like the fact that the bag is small, lightweight and ziplocked. It makes carrying the sponge around very convenient. If you use a cushion case, you can also just keep the sponge inside the cushion case as it will fit right into most conventional case sizes.


Texture & Application

The sponge feels supple and soft. It’s easy to maneuvre and the tear drop shape makes it easy to apply foundation on tight corners of the face like around the nose, under the eye and the inner corners of the eye. I also like to pinch the tip of the sponge to pick up concealer or blush for spot applications.



The sponge is used exactly like how any normal sponge is used and the outcome is nice smooth application. Because the sponge is non-porous, foundation doesn’t get absorbed into the sponge and you used lesser foundation than you usually need. While the non-porous surface helps to create an even surface, I have to admit that it tends to feel a little weird on the skin - like it’s not able to push the foundation into the skin and doesn’t help foundation adherence. I find that I need to smooth over the same area more times than with my fingers (which is my usual tool of choice).



I have large pores on my face and this sponge doesnt work as well with uneven skin texture. If you have a lot of bumps or enlarged pores this product will probaby drive you insane because the even surface just doesn’t spread foundation on bumpy surfaces as well. It doesn’t push foundation into the pores so can look like you have even cement on the face but with tiny holes poking out if you don’t blend enough.

The ridges around the edge of the sponge is small but it’s good at trapping foundation. And washing them off can be more difficult than expected – which defeats the entire purpose of wanting this sponge, really.



Overall, I like this product and would recommend it to people with similar lazy tendencies as I do. Washing it is simple though if you use waterproof makeup and let it stay for long, it can be harder to remove. The little ridges around the edge also tends to trap product and makes cleaning harder than it needs to be. But drying the sponge is as easy as wiping with a towel and it’s instantly dry and ready to be kept away.

The effect of the sponge is average, pretty much the same effect you get with the usual sponges or brushes. To a certain extent, it doesn’t perform as well as the traditional tools as it required more blending to achieve a smooth effect. Sometimes I even feel compelled to finish up the base with a few finger blending. But the whole point of buying this sponge is for the convenience of maintaining so if that’s your concern , it addresses it.

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