Apr 23, 2013

Shopping spree !!!

My everyday bag has been subjected to my daily abuse for near a year and it's starting to wane. And my daily shoes, which are flats I bought from my last Philippine trip (went FantasyQuest!) were also dying. I say daily shoes because I have a lot of pretty heels which I never wear because they hurt.

So yeah, new bags and shoes !!!

Bugis Village has got to be my favourite shopping paradise. Some people argue that Singapore doesn't have good fashion and cannot care less for Bugis Village. But I don't know, I love the place. The prices are generally lower with a good variety of stuffs. Granted that a lot of shops sell similar stuffs and are probably owned by the same owner xD.

Bought 2 pairs of flats from the very cute frilly Girly shop beside the escalator at Level 2. I'm really bad at names -.-; it was a clearing stock sale so I got both pairs for $32.

Then bought that London and I love Singapore Bags, 3 for $10! I gave Neneko and Momo those 2 bags as souvenir when they came Singapore lat weekend xD. They were really touched and happy with the Merlion Chocolates Saku bought them and the bags. They even got us to sign (lol?!) on the bag for them. Neneko felt that that gave the bags a unique significance. So sweet haha.

And I finally replaced my wallet of 2 years with that blue one. $13! I still love my ArtBox wallet/passport holder but the fabric has started to peel :( this current one is a little too small ><||

And finally, my new bag from GMarket arrived today ! I think it was $20+? Cannot remember. It's smaller than I'd like but the quality of the material is really nice !

Bought from here: http://list.qoo10.sg/gmkt.inc/Goods/Goods.aspx?goodscode=407244268

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