Sep 9, 2013

Qoo10 Review: Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System


Item name: [Olay]Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System Face Brush 女人我最大 - Alternative of Clar
Bought from : LittleTots
Price: $39.90 (Original price $52 )+ $3.00 (Shipping)
Rating: 4.5 /5

Seller: Seller was very helpful & friendly. She sent an SMS to notify me about when to expect the product and the product came with printed instructions from her..

Delivery: Ordered in the morning (1am maybe?) of 2th September and received it on the 4th September! Super fast delivery! It came wrapped in a plastic envelope, I cannot remember if it was bubble wrapped or not but my product came nicely boxed (check out the photo above)


Price: I won’t lie, I’m cheap. Even though I tend to spend quite a bit on skincare, I still feel the pinch when I purchased it. When I first saw the price tag, I wasn’t that keen on purchasing it. But a friend bought it and had so much praises for it, I was instantly sold.

$39.90 is a sum that might be low to some people and too high for others. But seriously, if keeping your skin clear is always a struggle and you’ve tried many products without success, then give this a try. It’s near 50 bucks (depending on how much you get it for) but you can use it for around 3 months henceforth if you divide the money this way, it feels a lot better on the wallet. LOL.

But anyway, Clarisonic costs 10 times more so…

Product Review: It is the 9th September today and as of now, I’ve used the product for 5 nights (I only use it at night , my morning facial cleansing routine involves only water and sponge) and it’s save to say I love it! It cleanses the skin intensely without tugging or pulling too much and it leaves the skin feeling very refreshed and it feels like my pore’s all empty! It doesn’t dry out the skin too much even though it is still a bit more drying than cleansing without it.

Some people said it’s better used with foam cleanser but I just use my gel-like Cetaphil facial cleanser with it. I pump 3 pumps and just rotate away.

While it is not exactly a holy grail for acne-prone skin, as I still noticed a pimple that came out from nowhere. I believe this product is still a big keeper as keeping your skin clean means half the battle won in skin maintenance. This theory ties in with the logic that most acne-prone skin are unable to dutifully expel dirt by themselves thus requiring their owners to work double hard in maintaining them.

The only down side I faced is in keeping the product, especially the brush clean in my bacteria filled toilet. Thankfully, the entire product is waterproof so I at least don’t have to worry about losing my grip in the bathroom. The other down side I foresee is in the continuous purchase of brush heads (according to the website, it is recommended to change every 3 months) and battery.

But I am so addicted to how good it makes my skin feel and look that I probably cannot stay away from it for at least a long while. My skin looks smoother, pores looks finer and overall complexion looks slightly brighter and even.

Overall comments:

Awesome product, honest seller and speedy delivery. <3

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