Sep 15, 2013

Shopping loots ... Again

Ever since my release from 'prison' (obviously not the real prison where law breaking individuals goes into as a consequence of their action but more a symbolic reference LOL) , I've been spending my past few days with so much vigour and activities. Or rather things just fell in place together with meet ups, dinners, bridesmaid gathering and church.

So yes , I'm really happy but also tired haha. Also a little sad that weekend is ending :( Anywayyyyyy I've been shopping quite a bit and spending frivolously !

Bought these at Bugis Village on Friday ! $20 for the Denim dress and $3+ for the candies.  I like the denim dress though now I worry about ironing it. I hate ironing -,-;;;

Bought this pair of shoes and dress from City Plaza (Paya Lebar). The dress cost $20 and its money I regret spending as I don't think the dress looks good on me :(

Super love the shoes even though I kinda regret not getting one size bigger. It seems like I always get into such problems after buying a shoe. After some time in it my feet starts to feel squashed x. X but then it's prices at only $10 and its brand new !

And lastly the most expensive of my loots as usual ... Is skincare.

Spent $100.40 even though I only wanted to buy a jar of moisturiser -___-;;; the salesgirl was so good I always get sold into buying more. And thy always have some sort of sales or discount packages that makes you spend more and more -_-; Spend $97 and they tell you to spend $3 more to get more discount or freebies available only for $100> for. Then of course there is nothing $3 there and the salesgirl recommend something else for you (not necessarily only $3 :p) based on your condition and them bam, you say good bye to your cash. Lol.

I mean I say all that but I'm still a big fan of TFS and have been using their products religiously for a long time. But yeah I just couldn't help noticing their marketing strategy that worked SO WELL.

Oh, the blue stripped pouch is a NaRaYa collaboration with TheFaceShop........ For customers who spend above $100 LOLLLL

And the lovely samples >\\\\< so mini and so cute !!


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