Sep 29, 2013

Some melancholy, much joy and many reflections

After the completion of this major milestone in life, I've really been taking the time to relax and do stuffs I couldn't previously.

I've been so busy hanging out with my friends and doing well, stuffs. A lot of research and just getting things to sink in. Trying to make sense, analyse information, organise plans and find directions.I know I sound incoherent now but have mercy on me as all these are spoken through a very confused mind. 

I was very on fire with wanting to do skincare reviews because trying out new stuffs for my face never dulls me. But the urge to write about my observations seems to have disappeared. Maybe I really am too burnt out to feel any passion at the moment. Maybe I just need a moment. Or maybe two. Lol. 

TCC is on officially hiatus now but I'm thinking about how to improve it. 

Anyway I just bought two lovely shoes for $10 each at Old Navy @ Bugis Street !!

And on a totally irrelevant note, I seriously need to get my fringe cut. Damn thing kept poking my eye! And I don't feel like cutting myself because I think my skills are not good enough even though I always cut my own fringe *cheap* . But yeah , I just want to have nicer fringe lol. 

It looks nicely anime now but it's just a facade. 

Took this on the way to the seminar today. I don't know why I look so sad and my eyes totally looked monolid -_-; that's what you get for having hooded double eye Lids. 

Bought some cheap makeup from Daiso a few days ago. The blush and highlighter works reasonably well though I'm not too sure about the lips. I'm not very acquainted with lip products but this thing seems to smart my lips :/ the colour's pretty awesome though. Maybe it's just me. 

I have the lip colour on in this pic. Pic has been brightened and beautified with Meitu xiu xiu so the colour's actually darker. 

This entry is so disgustingly narcissistic and incoherent . But anyway ... God bless u ! Have a good sleep, good day , good everyday guys ~~~!

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