Oct 9, 2013

My week last week

<St>I always seem to end up blogging here on Sundays. xD maybe because its usually the only slow day of my week. </St> Okay, so I ended up finishing this on Wednesday. Sometimes I wonder where did my time go to -__-;

I overslept today ( last sunday) and totally missed church :( feeling pretty damn mweh and guilty because I was up till 5am last night editing the elf makeup video. Not at all a good reason to be missing church for. 

Video of transformation here.

Check out this Before & After makeup comparison. Such a big difference I feel embarrassed /_\

Spent the previous few waking hours trying to understand some SNS stuffs and trying to draft my Kirito sword. I feel like crap whenever I prop because my propping skills are horrendously poor. Also feeling a little ashamed of myself for not spending more effort into my prop making skills despise cosplaying for more than a decade. But I guess to give myself some credit , I did focus more on dressmaking :( but now that I have decided to buy my costumes instead, I suddenly feel a weird sense of regret and waste. Like all the lousy skills I have been levelling the past decade is suddenly irrelevant :(

Anyway, enough of the emo crap. I'm more than happy to buy costumes because now I suddenly can Cosplay a lot of the characters I always wanted to but could never muster enough resolution to make xD 

But now I'm stuck with the props /OAO\|||| *flips table*

I bought mahjong papers to help me draft my swords and I felt so badasses holding it like a weapon xD

All the costumes I bought I always choose to make the weapons myself. Partly to save money and mostly  because because because because.... I don't want to be labelled as  a pretty face cosplayer />_<\ nooooooo~~~~~

Though I'm beginning to regret my choose -,- 

*slaps self * kaika snap out of it ! You've decided and its time to stick to your decision! BE A MAN! 

But wait .... Why should I be a man ?! I'm a woman ! 

Ahhhhhh but never mind I think I get the drift I am typing. Do you understand my dilemma and nonsense? Comment and let me know ;( 

My Gakuen from taobao came but I think the fit is wrong :( 

My Daiso loot last Saturday. The brown sugar banana chips is awesome !!! I highly recommend it xD 

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