Nov 4, 2013

Review: DHC Lip Cream

Name: DHC Lip cream
Price: 498 yen
Bought from: Drugstore in Japan

After a few days in Japan, it was clear that my skin and lips were not adjusting well to Japan's dry climate. I had to constantly apply lip balm and was coming to the end of the tube, digging the product out with my fingers -__-

Naturally, the logical thing was to purchase one in Japan.

I bought this at a discount from one of the many drugstores in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It was highly recommended by a friend xD

Texture:Smooth and creamy but not as lubricant as I expected.

Colour: Appears Yellowish in the stick but applies clear.

Packaging:DHC has never been known for fancy designs. Instead they opt for a very sleek cylindrical design in beige and sliver colour. The product however is almost half as much as usual lip balms.

Moisturizes the lips averagely. Well it could be the fact that I have very dried lips and I'm used to using very creamy formulas like Nivea's lipbalm henceforth I found this product disappointing. Especially after comparing it's price which, after discounts is still higher than most lip balms.

However I have friends who swear by it, saying it hydrates their lips very well and does not give them any allergic reactions. So my opinion stands solely as mine. 

Pros:Reputable brand known for producing products without too much additives. Less likely to cause allergy reactions I guess.

Cons:Expensive, very little product and not moisturizing enough for very dried lips. Likely will not re-purchase. 

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