Nov 5, 2013

Review: Wrinkle Plus (Super Lip Repair)

Item Name: Wrinkle Plus (super lip repair)
Price: 248 yen
Bought from: Drugstore in Kyoto

Like I mentioned in my DHC Lip cream review, my lips and skin was really not adapting well to Japan's dry climate. I got increasingly worried when 2 lip balms later and the pain/ dryness was still not subsiding. 

I saw this product on sale while on my usual Drugstore pilgrimage. It was the first night of my Kyoto trip and as all the shrines in Kyoto close by 5pm, I didn't have anywhere else to go but Kyoto Central. I wanted to fully maximize my time and daily bus pass you see xD 

You can read more about my Japan trip when I blog about it ! But anyway I digressed x. X;

Anyway I randomly picked up this product because it claimed to be very good. 

Very smooth and glides onto the lip. Product can be a little hard in Japan's cold weather and it needs to be applied with your finger.

Appears translucent white in the jar, applies clear.

This has got to be the best product I bought in Japan. I bought this a week after being in Japan and after using a makeup remover that my skin was allergic to.

Meaning to say, I used it at a time where my lips were really not in a very good condition. They were not flaking yet but my lips was already feeling like sandpaper(little bits of dried skin on top) and the sides had cracked slightly. My skin & lips have the habit of turning red and painful before it starts flaking and my lips were at that hurting stage.

I had used the DHC Lip Cream for 2 days without much help but the moment I rubbed this unassuming looking product onto my lips there was an instant hydration. The pain was gone instantly and i felt so relieved! Granted of course, the effects are not permanent and
you still need to constantly apply it 

Pros:Highly effective and affordable

Cons:Jar design makes applying a little troublesome. Now I just kiss the surface of the product instead of using my fingers ahaha

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