Feb 12, 2014

Shopping in Shibuya! (Liz Lisa!)

This was my 3rd time to Japan and 2nd time to Shibuya 109. I can't remember if I blogged about it previously (found out I did!)  but I decided this time I would lol. Our CoFesta ambassador trip was actually pretty tight and the Shibuya trip was just a side quest kindly included by our guide lol.



Also because NHK Studio Park was walking distance to Shibuya hahah. Yamamote-san guided us there by foot and it was a very interesting experience. Even though I've had Singaporean friends who live in Japan brought me around before, it was still a novel experience to walk from one seemingly isolated  place to another hippy area.


Along the way we met this King mascot with his assistant ahha. I wonder what are they promoting?? Yes, the girl on the left in pink jacket is Alodia xD





And this mascot super cute can XD? He was totally into this regal King-ly mood and he would stroke his plushie beard and wave at us in the royal manner xD Coupled with that winking facial expression omg cannot tahan (can’t stand it).


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0041_RealPlayer MVI_5400 1122014 21346 AM 

Xiaxue was super enthusiastic about Shibuya 109 LOL. Her pure shopaholic spirit and joy was so fun to witness, I mean she even brought her own collapsible luggage ! I have a similar collapsible luggage which I bought from Japan in 2011!




We walked pass this building and suddenly angie (or was it Nikita? -) suddenly got very excited and gestured to this wall of something. Took me a while to understand that this was where the alice in wonderland cafe was situated lol. We caused a small stir among the ambassadors when we stopped to look lol. Everyone was like ' What ? What ?!!??' Lol.



The entrance of the legendary Shibuya 109 where all the cool Japanese young people buy their clothes from.  Yes, Alodia, Ashley and Xiaxue were very excited… see how far ahead they are xD

We only had like 2 hours there and since we wanted to go to the Alice in Wonderland that meant we had even lesser time there. But it was ok for the 3 of us (Nikita, Angie and myself) since we didn't have much cash to spare T_T

But we still window shopped well, just because lahhhh lol .


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0043_RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21127 AM


The 3 girls well ahead of us still xD


I look like I’m stalking Alodia xD

  RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0038_RealPlayer MVI_5401 1122014 21755 AM


But seriously, everything there is so niceee and so expensive! While I do have to acknowledge that the quality and cut of the clothes were definitely above average , I still didn't feel comfortable spending that amount of money on it.  Clothes there almost always start minimally at 4000 yen !


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0035_RealPlayer MVI_5405 1122014 21939 AM



Frilly ankle socks ^w^!

RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0039_RealPlayer MVI_5401 1122014 21605 AM


Thankfully there were some accessories stores around and I managed to find this affordable pair of tights. I bought a pair of green checkered elastic pants/tights thingy for just 1000+ yen ! Such a bargain *_*

RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0031_RealPlayer MVI_5405 1122014 22230 AMRealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0028_RealPlayer MVI_5406 1122014 22342 AM


A shop called Sugar Yankee (i thinK!) had a lot Sailor Collar and baseball inspired clothings that season. Or maybe that’s the usual style of the Yankees hahaha


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0042_RealPlayer MVI_5399 1122014 21216 AM


Hello Kitty X Samantha Thavasa collection


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0034_RealPlayer MVI_5405 1122014 22007 AMRealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0033_RealPlayer MVI_5405 1122014 22023 AM

Fullscreen capture 1122014 22423 AM.bmp

If there's anything to look out for in Shibuya 109, well other than the obvious fashion items, it would be the Super kawaii Shop Assistants ! I'm not kidding! maybe its because it’s in an incredibly competitive place, pretty much ALL the Sales Assistants look like they came out from a magazine and are dressed to the heights! And super helpful too! The above sales assistant was from Sugar Yankee.


“You’re going to see pimple liao lah “ - Angie


I filmed video most of the time in Shibuya because I simply cannot multi task myself enough to take photographs and videos and still enjoy the shopping all at the same time. Henceforth I opted to film videos and screencap later. It was the first time I met Angie but we hit it off pretty well and I end up hanging out with her the most throughout the trip. She’s a mild tempered and cute girl and I like to annoy her ^_^


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0036_RealPlayer MVI_5404 1122014 21851 AM 
Stalking Angie and Nikita now… 


Nikita and Angie still hasn’t bought anything yet and I only scored a pair of pants. They were ready to leave for the Alice in wonderland cafe when I suggest we go up one last floor and check out lis liza. And there was a surprising chorus of agreement. Both of their eyes lit up and they were like " Oh yes! Lis lisa!!" .


Fullscreen capture 1122014 22746 AM.bmp 
Nikita look super happy to be going Liz Lisa xDDD


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0021_RealPlayer MVI_5408 1122014 22758 AM 
See? She’s grinning and leading the way to the shop ahah


Fullscreen capture 1122014 22827 AM.bmp

And Tadar~ I present to you, Liz Lisa! Nikita looks like she is putting her palm to her face in  amazement LOL


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0020_RealPlayer MVI_5408 1122014 22914 AM


There was a SA giving out pamphlets at the entrance and maybe its because Nikita was with us or maybe it’s because I still had my CoFesta lanyard on me but it didn't take long for the lady to ask us where we were from. She was very cute and started small talking with us.


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0014_RealPlayer MVI_5409 1122014 23328 AM


To be honest, Japanese SA are so polite and helpful that sometimes they makes me feel too pressured and end up not wanting  to enter the store. See the lady on the top left hand corner  xD? Look at her enthusiastic smile (and pretty face *_*)! I was just minding my own business paparazzing looking around the shop suspiciously with my camera and she started to smile and say something in Japanese ( i presume it’s some kind of greeting and ‘please let me know if you need any help’ kind of phases) as soon as she knew she was in my vision. And that’s what all the SAs at Liz Lisa does!

RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0013_RealPlayer MVI_5409 1122014 23334 AM


Here’s another photo of her because she is cute and to show you what she was wearing and all the pretty things behind!


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0010_RealPlayer MVI_5411 1122014 24017 AMRealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0009_RealPlayer MVI_5411 1122014 24037 AM


So cute I could almost cry T_T I couldn’t find the price tag on them but I was sure they would well be out of my budget so i didn’t dare ask the SAs.


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0008_RealPlayer MVI_5411 1122014 24114 AM

Fullscreen capture 1122014 23046 AM.bmp

RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0011_RealPlayer MVI_5410 1122014 23420 AM


Everything was so cute and frilly ~~~ and above all expensive !! Everything started from like 7000 yen minimally. The store was also celebrating their 14th anniversary and these are the super pretty range of limited edition products.  The products included shoes, bags, magazine, iPhone cover , key chain and more. 


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0007_RealPlayer MVI_5411 1122014 24122 AM

The SA behind was super friendly and started small talking with me while introducing all the various products in the shops. She told me she is a Collage student and this is her part time job, much like most of her other colleagues in the shop. I told her Liz Lisa have such cute stuffs but it was really pricey to me and asked if the brand was considered expensive to Japanese females. She said it is a little higher than most fashion label and I agree.


RealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0016_RealPlayer MVI_5409 1122014 23203 AMRealPlayer MVI_5398 1122014 21054 AM_0017_RealPlayer MVI_5409 1122014 23148 AM


I thought I was going to leave the place empty handed but alas! Luck ( or maybe it wasn't so lucky for my wallet) was on my side and I saw some Fukubukuro !! It's the tikam tikam lucky bag !!
How this thing goes is that the customer pays a flat price for a bag of unknown contents.  You know you will get 3 items but you don't know specifically which.

Fullscreen capture 1222014 20850 AM.bmp 

Fukubukuro!!!! They cost 5250yen each (250yen is the tax)


I’m thankful to be able to get a Fukubukuro because it’s not really supposed to be the season for them yet. But then again, I saw Fukubukuro the last time I came in May so…maybe they will always have one when they are changing season? Anyway yeah, I’m really thankful because 5250yen is around SGD$65. And when $65 divides out, that means each piece of clothing cost me just $21.33! And that’s such a steal for such good quality clothing! Not to mention the bag is included too xD Then I psychoed Angie to buy one too :x


We found Xiaxue at the store too and I think she ended up buying everything from there haha! She was also very cute la, she told us to open the bag asap and show her haha. True shoppaholic spirit! We didn't have much time to open and admire the clothes inside though since we had to rush to the cafe. And Angie was also very cute, she had been lamenting about not having enough money the entire trip and how she didn’t want to buy too much stuffs but she ended up spending the most of us 3! Lol!


Fullscreen capture 1222014 21135 AM.bmp


Here’s my loot of the day xD My Liz Lisa Fukubukuro bag consists of a white lacy dress, a long sleeved oversized checkered cardigan and a short sleeved flora cardigan.

I didn't buy much But I'm satisfied with just my Fukubukuro! I super like the 2 cardigans and have been wearing them quite a bit! Was initially pretty disappointed to get 2 cardigans inside since i already have so many. But then I found out I could wear the short sleeved one as a top! And the cutting of the navy checked one is very ‘moe-fying’ (cute-fying) so I always wear it on weekends with a pair of tights and it instantly gives my sloppy dressing a hint of sophistication xD


I couldn’t be bothered with the white dress because it looked so plain and uninteresting and it looked like it would be too big on me. But on Chinese New Year’s eve (more than 3 months later) I decided to give it a try. I’m pretty petite and a lot of the clothes I buy needs altering which can be such a pain. But the cut and details of the dress just blew me away! I love how graceful and elegant it made me look and it fits me like a glove!



Erm, a selfie I took during Chinese New Year day one. You can see the details around the collar here ^^;;;




Evangeline took this photo of us with our loot at the end xD Sorry for looking so silly, you can tell I was very happy with my purchase.


MVI_5440Fullscreen capture 1222014 24435 AM.bmp


And as you can tell, Alodia and Xiaxue bought so much it had to be strolled in luggages xD Alodia bought that pink luggage for 15,000yen I think. Doesn’t it look cute? Matches her jacket too LOL

Okay, it’s 3am and I need to sleep. Hope you guys liked this blog entry. I’m sure your are darn envious of me now xD


kai kuchiki said...

waaaah! shopping with alodia!! T__T being able to go to Japan 3x!! you're so lucky Kaika!! Hope to be able to go to Japan, shop with alodia( and with you too.. :3 )

Momoyamo said...

So cute~! I'm so jealous you got to visit marukyu *O* And it is 'Shibuya 109' instead of 'Shibuya 101' ><
You bought cute stuffs~!!

Kaika ( aka Elpheal) said...

Momoyamo: Oh dear! I can't believe I screwed that up xD Have changed it already!