Jul 13, 2014

Liquid Eyeliner Challenge

I don’t quite know how , but I am currently in possession of 8 (and growing) eyeliners. So I decided to put them to the test and see how they fare against a smudge, water and oil test! I will also share my personal experience and opinions about each product.

IMG_9009 edit
How the different eyeliner looks when applied on the skin. I made it a point to only go over the same line twice for all the liners (even though I’m sure there are some  I accidentally went over 3 times on the same line 8D)
Here’s a photo to give you a comparison of all the pen tips

1) Kose Visee Point Eyeliner

Product Link: http://www.kose.co.jp/jp/ja/product/detail/YNIE

I bought this thinking it was KATE =_=; i must admit, i don't like this at all. I bought this in Japan last October and I'm not sure if it's because i got a faulty pen or what but after a few use, this Pen is pretty dried already. The product pigmentation is on the lighter side and it more suitable for natural looking eye makeup. The rounded point  tip allows you to simply dab the colour onto your lash line to give the impression of fuller eye lashes. To sum it all up, this is an eyeliner for natural looking makeup and is beginner friendly. However trying to create a cat eye with this is near impossible.

2) Canmake Strong Eyes Liner


Canmake. http://www.canmake.com/en/eeye/item_eye043.html 
Recommended Price: unknown

I actually bought this particular pen a long time ago so the quality have probably degraded (Sorry!). However even when i just had it, i had found the performance of the pen lacklustre.  The consistency tends to be runny and the pigmentation is also on the lighter side. Much like the Visee pen, this eyeliner dried up on me very fast too. Was i too careless with them or is there something wrong with the product design? I probably used this less than 10 times before I gave up on it.

3) La Rose de Versailles (Rose of Versailles)

rose of versailles
Product Link: http://www.creerbeaute.co.jp/versailles/item/?item=v001
Recommended Price: 1000 Yen
Buy here: Qoo10
I thought it was mweh when i first got it in japan but the test have shown me otherwise! The colour pigmentation is on the intense side and the calligraphic brush tip makes it a good candidate for creating  the perfect cat eye. However, it is hard to get the product to adhere to the skin when my lids are a little oily, which explains my initial reaction to it. I suggest priming and powdering (or at least blot well xD) before using this product. Not suitable for beginners without a steady hand or people who is going for a natural look.

4) Sheene


Product Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=677658572297936&set=pb.202451896485275.-2207520000.1404472494.&type=3&theater
Recommended Price: $9.90 SGD

I bought this on a whim at my  neighbourhood Beauty Store, half expecting myself to throw it out of the window. But this product was a big surprise as we can evidently see from the video. It glides on smoothly, has intense colour payoff, is smudge proof, waterproof and oil proof. I did notice that after a long and humid day out, the liner can transfer to my lower eyelids a little!


But at $10, I still think this eyeliner is a bargain for it’s performance. So if you can find it, grab it!

5) K-Palette One Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner 24hr Wp

k palette
Product Link: http://k-palette.net/wp/
Recommended Price: 1260 Yen (online store)
Buy here: Qoo10

This is a hot favourite and I can see why! Intensely coloured, waterproof, smudge proof and oil proof! The intensity of it's colour is the best out of the lot and it's calligraphic brush tip makes it excellent for Gyaru makeup and drawing intense Cat Eye.  However because the felt tip is slightly bigger than other eyeliner such as Sheene and Dolly Wink and coupled with the intensity of the pigmentation, this is a product that needs to be applied with a steady hand full of practice. Like all liquid eyeliner, this product works better on primed and powdered lids. The water ingredient inside this product does not mix well with oil.

I must admit, when I first got it, I wasn't overly thrilled with it as it seemed to perform pretty averagely on my lids and I found myself reaching out for my Dolly Wink Eyeliner instead of this.
I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve gotten a not-so-good pen or what but I’ve noticed that it’s hard to get the product out on my lids. I tried it out yesterday and while I didn’t apply any eyelid primer, I did go over the lid area with tissues first; not sure if exposing the brush of the pen to snap photos the night before did anything to it xD. My pen seemed dry and empty ; I had to shake the pen many times and I found myself requiring too many strokes to successfully cover the area I want covered. The line also seemed to have transferred onto my lower lash line after a long day.


6) Dolly wink Liquid Eyeliner

Product Link: http://www.koji-honpo.co.jp/shop/detail3144.html
Recommended Price: 1296 Yen (online store)
Buy here: Qoo10

Anyone who have seen my Makeup Videos would know, I’m a big fan of this product. There is a lot of hype surrounding it, and for good reasons too. This product holds up well in all the tests (smudge, water and oil), has good colour pigmentation, a fine felt tip, good staying power and a cute packaging! It generally performs well in all areas even though the colour pigment is not as black as K-Palette and Sheene. I personally likes how smoothly it goes onto the lid and the instant drying nature.
However to be fair, I must mention that this eyeliner can flake off sometimes. And like all water based eyeliner, this works best on oil-free skin.

7) Essence STAYS no matter what waterproof eyeliner pen


Product Link: http://www.essence.eu/sg/products/eyes/eyeliner-kajal/

I bought this in Australia in 2013 so I can’t remember the price. But Essence is a budget friendly brand so It should have been very affordable.
The waterproof claim is a joke as we can see from the test. You might be able to pass through very light drizzles but anything more and panda eyes it is. The felt tip of essence's eyeliner was the biggest among all and I found it difficult to make any elegant strokes. The colour pigmentation is on the slightly lighter side and feathers easily.
One of my biggest grip with the product was how much it stained my skin. Even after using oil based makeup remover, the stain still wouldn't budge.
I am very disappointed with this eyeliner and definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to try it.

8) Ellefar Princess Liquid Eyeliner (Daiso)



Recommended Price: 100 Yen (Daiso)
This product had got to the be one that surprises me the most! Not only did it fared very well for all the 3 tests,  it is also sold for just 2 bucks!  Using this on the eye however, takes a bit more patience than the above pens. The design of the eyeliner has the brush tip further away from the hand (like all dip and go eyeliners) and gives lesser control on the eyelid. It takes more time & effort to get a smooth line on the lids so a steady hand and patience is required.  My other grip with it, is it's long drying time which can easily smudge the ink when you accidentally blink.

I also found the brush a little too stiff for the delicate skin on top of the eye. I have hooded double eyelid and whatever eyeliner I use without wearing fake lashes just melts away like nothing. I tried this when  i was in humid Taiwan last week and even though i ended up with a patchy line at the end of the day, majority of the colour was still there.  That's a testimony to the lasting power! Overall, I would say it’s not a beginner friendly eyeliner but good price, good pigment, good staying power! Buy it!


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