Jul 25, 2014

Review: SexyLook Redwine Platinum Intensive Firming Duo Mask

I went to Taiwan for a short trip last month to attend a friend’s wedding. Of course as a girl, one of the most important task we have while traveling is to assist in boosting the destination’s economy. So shopping is the only way to go! Don't judge me! Most of them were souvenirs for my friends!!!

To my Taiwanese readers (don’t think I have any 8D) , I have done my part for your nation! Go you!

Anyway, on the last day of my trip, I went shopping around Shilin area since it was literally where my hostel was (read my hostel review here). Most of the shops were not opened yet except for Bubble Tea shops and Drug stores =( . Anyway, cut my bullshit short, the drug store was having a 1 for 1 promotion so I bought 2 box of Taiwan facemasks!

Photo credit: SexyLook Singapore

One of them is the product I’m reviewing today ; The Redwine intensive firming duo lifting mask.

The Pros:

- Affordable. I bought these at a discount of 299 TWD for 2 box of 10 pieces. That roughly translates to SGD$12.40, so each piece of mask costs me just SGD$0.62! While my purchase discount was a fluke, my experience with this product in Singapore was that discounts happen very often :D

- SexyLook is big on the whole ear hook thing so most of their masks have this nifty design where the bottom of the mask extends under the chin. The whole mask design fits with a pair of ear hooks to help lift the skin up while allowing you to pamper the skin under your chin. Of course this mask design means you can probably somersault with it.

- Skin appears slightly brighter and definitely more hydrated (but to be fair, I haven’t exactly seen a mask that when used correctly, doesn't leave the face feeling better than before you used it LOL
- Leaves the skin feeling light and refreshed

- Soft fabric mask. Easy to use and loaded with quite a bit of serum

The Cons:

- Hard to notice any ‘firming’ effect as the name of the product has led me to expect

- Not a mask for people with sensitive skin as the wine properties can irritate. My skin was feeling sensitive the night I used it, it felt like my old skin allergies are coming back. And almost as soon as I put the masks on, i could feel a burning sensation that lasted for more than 10 minutes. Based on my personal experience, that's an indication that my skin is reacting to some ingredients in the mask.

- The hydration and brightening effect was good but nothing to go crazy over. For soothing 7 hydration, their Super Moisturising Duo Lifting Mask is better.

- While I love the under chin hydration and the whole ‘lifting’ design, the ear hooks can be pretty uncomfortable to me. It doesn’t hurt or anything but I just don’t like having sticky wet stuff hooked onto my ears and touching my hair.

The Conclusion:

This is generally a good mask to use on days where you feel like you need some ‘Aging’ prevention, want something that leaves the skin hydrated without any feeling of grease and on days you need to whizz around like a busy bee at home.

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