Jul 26, 2014

Review: K-Palette Brow Mascara

Product info: http://k-palette.net/ebmascara/

In my opinion, one of the often most neglected part of makeup is making sure the colour of your eye brow matches your hair.


There's nothing quite as jarring as a head of light hair with black brows (unless you are Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones or someone equally gorgeous xD) . I admit,  I'm guilty as charged too. It's not that I don't know about the problem,  it's just that I find it too much of a hassle to tackle on normal days.
If you've seen my makeup videos,  you would see me using concealer, powder, elf eyelid primer (yes.), more concealer, more powder, eyeshadow and more eyeshadows to change the colour of my brows. I feel tired just typing that out,  what more doing it on normal days =_=! It's not that I'm not aware of brow mascara previously, I was just too much of a scrounge to get it haha!
But thanks to Japalang Pte Ltd, i finally have a chance to try it! This product was given to me by Japalang Pte Ltd for review. This however does not affect my opinions on the product.

Relle from Japalang was generous enough to give me both shades to try! Cool! Now, I can use the lighter one for Cosplays :D

Product information & Performance

This product is pretty straightforward;  it's a mascara for the eyebrows.  It basically allows you to change the colour of your eyebrows without dying them.

The eyebrow mascara is applied with an applicator that looks like a tiny hair brush. According to the press release, the design of the applicator prevents the product from touching the skin directly.  While I don't see how the design prevented the brush/product from getting to my skin (because honestly, it still does if I press too hard) .
I appreciate the width of the brush as it allows me to cover just the right area of hair ; both for the brow head and the brow ends.The tiny space between the brush bristle also allows just enough product to stick to the brows.


To use the product,  simply brush it onto your eyebrows according to the natural flow of your brows hairs! I think this product works best on thick, bushy brows. Feel free to change up the direction of your brushing (against or along the natural growth direction of the hairs)  to evenly coat your eyebrows with the product.  You would probably need to go over your brows 3 -5 times. I have thick brows and i needed 6 - 10 strokes.
In the photos below, I am using the [102] Natural Brown Eyebrow Mascara.

Before using the K-Palette Eyebrow Mascara

And after using! what a difference!
The product dries powdery and soft on the brows and doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. However i did observed that if i loaded my brows with a heckkkkkk lot of product, it is still capable of turning slightly hard & crusty. I’ve used it for a couple of times under sweltering Singapore heat and I have yet to observe any signs of smudging or flaking.

The Conclusion

Overall I'm very happy with the product and would recommend people with dyed hair to try this out!

This product is fuss- free, easy to apply and particularly useful for busy individuals who likes to keep their hair colour light. While you can obviously do what I did in this video to change the colour of my eyebrows , but who wants to do all that on a busy Monday morning or a relaxing weekend out?

This is the completed look! Doesn’t my brows and hair look so uniformed xD??

When the eyebrow isn't catching too much attention, people can concentrate better on the eyes and overall look, Of course, that’s just my own opinion!

I am also using K-palette’s 1 Day Tattoo  Real Lasting  Eyeliner micro to draw fake lower lashes , yes that pen is fine enough for that! My double eyelid is created with Automatic Beauty’s Single Eye Tape (Yellow Box).

My only complaint about the Mascara would be the amount of times I needed to reload my brush. The brush can only pick up a limited amount of product and for complete coverage, i have to keep going back for more. The up-side of this though,  is that you won't overload the brows too easily.
The K-palette eyebrow mascara is available in two colours and is available exclusively at Sasa for $19.90.

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