Aug 6, 2014

Review: Automatic Beauty, Single Eye Tape

So you guys know i attended the awesome AB Mezical fiber event which Taiwanese Celebrity Makeup artist Mr Kelvin graced. Japalang Pte Ltd was nice enough to let each blogger walk away with a bag full of AB products and I'm here to share my experience with them. Sorry for being so slow!

Brand introduction

Automatic Beauty is a Japanese Beauty Brand under Dear Laura Inc.. This Brand focus primarily on makeup products for creating natural looking double eyelids. As of current, they have a range of 6 products and it comes in a variety of materials such as fiber, rubber, liquid, and tape.
Mr Kelvin informed us during the event that he had chosen to work with AB eyelid tapes (amongst the multitudes of double eye tape brands) because he personally endorses the quality of the product and approves of the way QC is being done for this product. Other than making sure the eyelid tapes work, AB also tested vigorously to ensure that even with multiple uses of sticking on and peeling off , the product would not cause any discomfort to the wearer. Producing safe and quality products that works was the brand objective.


Product introduction

In this entry, I'm using the Single Eye tape ( Yellow Box) which is sticky only on one side; much like traditional double eyelid tape. Each product comes in a cute and sturdy plastic box that I will totally re-use for other makeup stuffs 8D. Inside the box is 4 sheets of the pre-cut eyelid tapes ( 80 pieces in total ) and a small Shaping stick .


Even though the name of the product says "Single Eye Tape", this particular model/category is actually more suitable for people who already have double eyelids but wants to heighten it. Such as people like me who have hooded/ hidden double eyelid!
Fullscreen capture 612014 83845 PM.bmp
On first glance I might look like I have mono lids but I in fact have very hooded double eyelid =( While having sommmmmme form of double eyelid is good, hooded lids can be very troublesome as not only does the crease looks near invisible, it also eats away your eye shadow unless you blend the colours up above it. But I don’t like to do that because when you close your eyes, you look like you did a smoky eye look instead-__-;
Anyway, back to the product.
single eye tape chart
As you can see from the photos & chart above, the eyelid tape is shaped like a slight curved oblong. It is translucent white in colour , sticky only on one side and measures 25mm in width and 2.5mm in height.

How to use

1) Always begin with clean natural skin. Make sure there is no oil or makeup as they can affect the adhesiveness of the tape.


2) Use the provided stick to mark out where your new crease should be by dragging it gently on your eyelid. Do this continuously for a few times and a subtle line should appear. Use that as a guide to stick your eyelid tape.


3) The packaging design is level "Japanese" ha-ha. To get the tape out,  simply bend the sides of the paper that the eyelid tape are on then lift the tape up with the Shaping Stick . Using the stick allows you to minimise contact with the eyelid tape thus keeping it more sticky. I usually use 2 sticks to help me attach the tape without touching my fingers. After i lift the tape up, i stick another stick to the centre of the tape and proceed to arrange it on my eyelid. And done!
4) Stick it under the desired crease line , apply pressure to ensure it is well adhered. Open your eyes slowly to check the crease line and we’re done!
In case you’re not interested in text instruction, check out this photo demo I found!

Below are some photographs of how it looks on my eyelid without any eye makeup.

Photo taken with flash. The eyelid tape merges into the skin so flawlessly you can barely see it! Click on the photo to enlarge them.
Photos taken by the window with natural sunlight and without flash. Under natural light, the tape looks a bit more obvious when you close your eyelids.
This is how it looks on my eyelid with makeup. 
Photos taken with flash. I have some slightly shimmery earth-toned eye shadow, black liquid eyeliner and fake lashes on my eyes.

Photos taken indoor without flash. Apologies for the poorly lit photos.  As you can see, after applying makeup, the tape looks a little more outstanding.

Overall Conclusion

The single eye tape is one of the easiest to-use product in the AB line and produces good , obvious results. I do not have mono lid so I am unable to test how this product will vary on different eyelids but according to the company, this tape is more suitable for people looking to heighten their natural eyeliner. As you can tell from the above photographs, my eyelid has been drastically heightened!
10442891_1420820778199326_6999979808452478726_n (1)
Haha yes, I took part in Automatic Beauty’s “My Big Eye Dream” Contest too.  Check out the before and after! Granted that my after photo definitely had better makeup, styling and most importantly, camera angle but notice the difference double eyelid makes? I have hooded double eyelid that are super narrow. Often times I just need to put a little dark eyeshadow along my lash line and my pathetic double eyelid is hidden instantly.
In the video below, I’m using the Single Eye Tape, hope the video gives you an idea of how the eyelid tape looks on a moving subject XD

The tape is soft (loll?),  goes onto the skin easily and doesn't feel uncomfortable.  I've yet to wear it for extremely long hours but of the few hours I've had them on my eye, I never felt like they would come off. It did however , react like most of the other tapes I've used before. If you don’t do a good job of sticking it flat down,  the centre of the tape will flare out a little like this.

Even though the Single Eye Tape is the easiest AB eyelid products to use, considerable amount of effort and test & trial is still required to get the perfect crease. I recommend practising and wasting (loll) a few of those tapes to hone your skills before wearing this product out. In the photos below, you can see how hooded my left eye looks when I didn’t stick the tape high enough =(.


This product is more suitable to be used without any eye makeup on top as the white plastic material becomes reflective with makeup. It is not jarringly obvious but if anyone inspects your eyelid within 50cm, the tape is hard to miss.
tape on hand
Overall, a good product that is worth a try if you’re very keen on getting double eyelid. It is easy to use, sticks well on the lid and is barely noticeable if no eye makeup was used on it. If you can position the tape to look like how real double eyelid crease creases, then it has a  better chance of getting away unnoticed XD! .  Unfortunately for me, I’ve come to discover that I need to place the tip of my tape significantly higher than the end (so it becomes this really steep slope -->> \ )  to really open up my eyes. Maybe that’s the biggest reason why the eyelid tape looks a little more obvious on me when I close my eyes.
 The AB Single Eye Tape can be purchased from Sasa at SGD$19.90 each!


Hope you found this review useful!

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