Aug 21, 2014

Review: Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)

My first Laneige BB cushion Pore Control experience came as a sample on my monthly Bellabox subscription.

Name: Laneige BB cushion (Pore Control)
Weight: 15 gm X 2 (they sell 1 + 1)

Price: $35:90 - $39:90 (Online price) $58:00 (Retail Price)
Buy from: Qoo10 

* Update 2: I bought my own full size product via Qoo10 and have been testing it for the last 4 months and shared my new thoughts here! I bought #13 True Beige and while I love the brightening effect, I found the colour too light on me. Take note that I am a relatively fair toned person -__-; . To neutralise the colour difference, I lightly dust my ZA 2way foundation and always tried to avoid piling too much bbcream onto my face.

What is this Laneige Bb cushion?

The Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) is a new, cushion-type BB cream that has multiple skincare properties   “Pore purifying BB Cushion for a fresh-looking and semi-matte complexion all day” .

Some of the special points below.
  1. 1 - Contains SPF50+ PA+++, this high SPF amount means you can do without sunscreen. Strong protection!
  2. 2 - Utilizes a revolutionary cushion mechanism with 800,000 pores (the cushion thing where you get your bb cream from). The mechanism helps disperse the bbcream onto the customized puff in extremely fine sprays. When the puff is used correctly (in a patting/stamping motion), better adherence and hydration is achieved.
  3. 3 - The customised puff is an Air-cell puff that can instantly absorbs the moisture and transfers moisture onto the surface of the skin.
  4. 4 - Pore Purifying Complex ™ purifies pores and protects skin against pore trouble
  5. 5 - Excellent coverage of pore and skin bumps with soft focus powder which diffuse light.
  6. 6 - Semi-matte finish. Product has a powerful dual powder formula of anti-darkening and sebum control powder regulates shine for a fresh and supple-looking complexion.
  7. 7 - Water-resistant. Strong resistance against perspiration and sebum for long-lasting Make-up
  8. 8 - Soothing effect. Fresh cooling sensation instantly cools the skin surface to refresh and soothe fatigued skin.
I’m sorry if the last few points were a direct copy from the picture below but I thought they did a great job explaining so, why not copy 8D?

The packaging

Mine is a sample set and came in 2 plastic circles. One of the circle contains the bb cream and the other contains the cushion.
This is how the sample set looks!

This circle contains the puff


The other side has the bb cream contained in a dense sponge.
Many online reviews raved about the importance of the Puff and I'm totally with them! The cushion is made of some special soft velvety sponge material and it feels so good to squish !!

To apply the product,  press the cushion gently into the bb cream dispensing circle/sponge. Maybe because mine was a sample, i found that i needed to press a lot of times to get enough product on. After that, I simply pat the puff with the bbcream onto your skin. For best effect,  just pat instead of rubbing or dragging.
If you bought the full size, this is how the compact looks like. In Singapore, these babies sell for around $58+. The entire set includes the compact with a set of bbcream + Puff and another refill set. Which isn't too expensive when you divide it this way! (Only $29+ each !). However if you buy them from Qoo10 like me, you get the exact same thing for just SGD35.90. The online price fluctuates but it is always cheaper than buying from the stores in Singapore.

My opinions

I admit, I was very sceptical about this and didn’t quite get all the hype about BBcreams applied with a puff. I was like ‘'”seriously?!”. But thankfully I was obviously proven wrong  and have obtains a new perspective towards BB cream =)
This product is very light and goes onto the skin surprisingly well. It brightens the overall complexion , evens out your skin tone and gives a very nice dewy finish. The skin looks supple and moisturised but not greasy so it ties in with it’s Semi-Matte claim.There is a light and refreshing fragrance. I don't usually like fragrance but this disperse fast enough to not bother me.
The product goes on to the skin in light layers and is buildable. However even with that in mind, i think the coverage is only light to medium. I had a sample set that didn't have a lot of product in it so it was hard for me to go ape-shit piling the product henceforth I was unable to do a product stress test haha.
I had some breakouts when I tried it and needed more coverage. So on top of the bbcream,  i also used a concealer.  It is not necessary  but living in humid Singapore I’m definitely for the idea of powdering my face. After I’m done with the concealer, I lightly brushed  my trusty ZA two way foundation on top with a fluffy brush. On top of giving more coverage, the powder also helped matt-ified my skin .
Here is a before face. As you can see, I have some very obvious pimples, eyebags and redness =((((

The After picture. Pores still look like pores , eye bags are still there and you can faintly see the pimples. But overall, great brightening effect and it evens out my skin tone.
The product stays on pretty well too. I applied it around 10am and when I checked back at around 3pm, my face still looks presentable. Of course it doesn’t look as complete as it did when I first applied but the brightness and even-ness of the skintone persists! It didn’t oxidise too badly!
Picture taken at 3pm with a Samsung Note3
The best thing to me is its’ amazing airbrush finish.  Yes, there is something amazing about how the product looks on the face. It gives a dewy and bright soft focused look on the face!

Another photo that better exhibits the dewiness. I admit my DSLcamera + 50mm lens might have enhanced the glowy effect in the photo above but even in real life, the subtle dewy look was pretty apparent to me! Sure, my freckles, pimples and eyebags are still there but my skin just looked so healthy , so moisturised and so much like it’s just skin!
And i think The cushion is pivotal to accomplishing this so make sure you use the Puff and use it correctly!
Overall, I like it enough to buy the full size so yes, I like it very much and I excitedly recommend this to you!

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