May 21, 2016

Review: SKII

Name: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
Price: SGD$189 (Qoo10)
Volume: box of 1
Rating: 3/5

I’ve had this prized baby in my arsenal for one and a half year. I bought it on a whim on my flight back from Sydney, flamed on by the $50 savings. A box of 10 would cost me $189 in Singapore but on air, it cost just $139. I was flying with Scoot in case any of you is curiuos.

I was cajoled into splurging on it due to it’s overwhelmingly positive reviews online and it’s non-stop marketing campaign. If this indeed is a miracle product then I’m not gonna miss out! After all, my dehydrated and lacklustre skin could do with some boosting.



Product Info

SK-II describes it as a “ luxurious facial mask with an indulgent concentration of Pitera™ ”. Pitera as we all know, is touted as a miracle ingredient that “is full of vitamins, amino acids,minerals and organic acids that work together to allow the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process to
function at its prime.
”. All these information are taken from SK-II’s official website.

The product promises to immerse the skin in moisture and deliver a visibly radiant and crystal clear complexion.



Package & Price

Marketed as a high end luxury product, the face mask comes in a simple but elegant box of 10. The glossy wine red box, a signature colour of the brand is embossed with an understated silver logo. The masks itself comes in small silver packets.


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At a minimal of $13.90 – $18.90 per piece, expectation runs high for each sheet. Granted that Qoo10 sells them at $8.90 a piece without the box, that is still a pretty hefy amount for somethign that’s only going to be on your face for 20 minutes.
Because of the pricetag, I’m going to be judging this mask a lot more strictly.



The mask is made of thick cotton and heavily saturated with the treatment essence. In fact there is so much essence left over that I had to bottle it even after slathering on my face.



I was able to make another face mask out of the left over essence though it was not overwhelmingly saturated haha.




I didn’t particularly enjoyed the texture of the mask though. I felt it was too stiff and didn’t adhere to the face as well as I liked. I much prefer the thinner masks like Leaders Insolutions.






I usually wear my face masks with a DAISO Silicon mask over it to hold it in place while I bustle around. So I always end up having it on my face for a much longer time than the companies said I should. But heck! at $13.90 per piece, you bet I was gonna wringe every inch of my penny back!

The face feels nicely moisturised after each application but I notice it always leaves a film on top of my skin. I have no idea is it due to my poor absorption or is it meant to be so. If I rub my skin, the film comes off like eraser crumbles. Again, no idea if that’s my skin or is it the dried up treatment essence =/. The effects of the mask did not last an entire week for me unlike what it did for some vloggers.




While the mask hydrates my skin well and leaves my skin feeling fresh, I’m disappointed to report nothing fascinating about the result. Many reviewers online has claimed it as their holy grail that can bring any dull skin to life with results that stayed on for the whole week. With reviews like that and the staggering price tag, it’s hard not to have my expectations up to the ceiling.

Overall, I am disappointed with this product and will likely not repurchase. While it did a fairly good job of keeping my skin hydrated and radiant, I have to point out that many masks that cost ten times lesser can deliver the same result. I even feel a little disgusted to have fallen into it’s meticulously crafted marketing plot. I have yet to try it on super sensitive skin days, if I get a chance to and the results wowed me enough, I’ll come back with an update.

If you are still curious about this product and wants to venture forth, I recommend buying it in smaller quantity to minimise your heartache. Yes, my heart is currently bleeding.

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