May 31, 2016

Review: Su Moisture Cream (The Orchid Skin)

Name: Su Moisture Cream
Price:  35,000 Won (SGD$40.80)
Volume: box of 100 ml
Rating: 4/5

As a Budget traveller who travel minimalist style - South Korea was one of the few countries I travelled to with the intent to bring something back. Being an avid fan of Korean skincare products , I wasn't going to come home with a empty suitcase so a shopping trip was scheduled on the last night of my trip. 

I was actually pulled into the shop by an overly enthusiastic salesgirl in Ehwa Women university’s shopping area. I had already spent most of my bucks in TheFaceShop so I wasn't too keen on buying more. But the power of persuasive sale is strong here as I walked away 50,000 Won poorer –_-;;



Product info


The product contains Ocean water, Allantoin and Agave Americana Leaf extract – all of them ingredients I have absolutely no knowledge about. The sales girl kept harping on the fact that instead of purified water which is used in most skincare product, this cream uses Ocean water which is so much better. I was extremely tempted to ask her why Ocean water would be better (can someone tell her salt water isn’t exactly good for skin?) but I managed to stop myself. Unfortunately, the official website is entirely in Korean so I wasn’t able to dig further.

If you can read Korean, pop over to the website and have a read! Do me a favour and translate for me along the way if you can xD

The salesgirl told me this product has only been launched recently and she is an avid fan herself. It is a gel like moisturising cream that intensely hydrates and has a faint floral fragrance.



Apparently the cream also helps with caring for your pores – according to the pictures in the website xD



Package & price

Unlike most moisturisers, this baby is a juggernaut. It contains 100ml and sells for 35,000won (SGD$40.80) at Korea. I can't find it on Qoo10 and TheOrchidSkin does not seem to have a brick and mortar branch in Singapore so replenishing stock might be a problem. 

At SGD$40.80 , this product leans on the pricey side for frugal me. However the generous volume helps makes up for it and if it's good, it's worth the money.  The Jar is made of lightweight plastic with a big opening. There is a flap of plastic on top to protect the product. That particular plastic lid doesn't seem to fit the rim very well and I often found it difficult to lift up. Overall, pretty simplistic packaging with nothing to rave or complain about. 





A translucent gel cream with a faint floral scent.




The product is extremely smooth and watery and goes onto the skin very well. It gets absorbed almost instantly and my skin feels revived immediately. Of course, individual results may vary but I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of this product. My skin feels moisturised and of course, looks a little brighter(as with any moisturising cream). 

su cream_before and after

I'm not sure if my positive experience stems from my own psychological bias-ness or did the product really do something. But I felt like the moisture lasted in my skin for a relatively long time which is a big plus! I also observed myself reaching out for this cream a lot more than my other moisturisers.  I even wake up the next day with healthy and moist skin.

I haven’t observed any clogging of pores =)



Despite the hefty price, I think I’m a satisfied customer! The product leaves the skin succinctly moisturised without any form of greasiness and the moisture lasted through out the day. I tend to pile moisturisers on so that might make a difference. The light floral scent is refreshing and goes well with the product. 

Overall, I would recommend this product to both users with dehydrated and oily skin. In fact, even people with dry skin can benefit from it. This product is best for people who lives in humid country like Singapore who doesn't appreciate sticky skin care but still needs intense hydration.

The only downside is the slighty hefty price tag and the difficulty in purchasing it. That means it’s going to be hard to restock so if you’re scheduled to visit Korea, keep this in your To-buy list! 

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