Jun 18, 2016

Review: Pure Smile Face Masks (Japan)

Name: Pure Smile Face Masks
Bought from: Japan Drugstore
Price: S$4.19 (¥324) (Qoo10)
Rating: 4/5

My skin has been feeling pretty happy after the Pore Shrinking treatment at CNP much to my relieve and joy. But starting from a few days back, my skin suddenly took a turn for the worse. Suddenly the itch and redness is back and I have no idea why! I’m still trying to find the culprit but before that, time for some skin SOS! The only thing to rescue the skin now is a lot of face mask and some serum.


In this blog entry, I’ll review the Japanese face mask collection called Pure Smile. It is a drugstore face mask with a range of benefits and price tags. However I'm only going to blindly review the funny faces ones as those are the only ones I've tried. 

According to the english wordings at the bottom of the masks, it seems like the funny face mask are all designed to contain collagen, Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E. Sorry for the unexpectedly long introduction , let's jump straight into the review. 


Pure smile has a wide variety of face masks and their painted face masks are significantly more expensive than the non painted ones. 


Kabuki mask like literally. #thuglife #kabukilife #facemask #skim #mask #japan #skincare #jokes #

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I am beautiful ~~ #dubsmash #fun #crazy #facemask #kabukilife #kabuki #japan

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It's hilarious isn't it ?! That's the only reason anyone spend more money on these! They make interesting souvenirs for female friends. It is both Instagram worthy and useful! 



The texture of the mask is thick, soft and  laddled with a good amount of gooey essence goodness!  It’s not soft and translucent-y like the Insolutions face masks but it feels comfortable on the skin nonetheless.


IMG_4327  IMG_4323

The face mask adheres to my skin well enough even though I tend to use my Daiso silicon mask over it to hold it in place. See that pink rubber sheet in the photo on the right? That’s the Daiso silicon mask.




The mask leaves the face feeling hydrated and clean. While I wouldn't say the effect was lasting , it at least gave me a good half day of moisture (I use my masks at night before I sleep ) on my scratchy and sensitive skin day. 

No allergy reaction was observed and the mask calmed the slight redness I was experiencing. No particular fragrance was observed.




Overall, I'm pretty happy with this product and think its hydrating power is up there with most of the good masks I've used. 


IMG_4388 IMG_4390


While it's a litttttttttle on the up side for daily use, i think it makes for a very good conversational starter, is Instagram worthy and leaves a good impression if given as souvenir. Female friends would definitely appreciate this funky face mask that doesn't just look good but works great as well.

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